1900's fashion trends

Edwardian style blouse and tops

1916 Edwardian era blouses

The Edwardian era, between 1900-1920, was a simple yet romantic time in fashion. The blouses of the early 20th century featured the large puffy shoulders made famous by the Gibson Girl, delicate lace blouses of the Titanic era, and intricate embroidery on chiffon for post war fashions. So many beautiful Edwardian style blouses!

Chunky knit cardigan sweaters became the new sportswear for women. Simple hip length designs with a contrasting trim were worn for golf, hiking, skiing, or working at home.

For your Edwardian era costume a new vintage inspired blouse is trends a perfect complement to a long skirt, shoes, hat and jewelry.

Shop these styles we found online and begin your travels back to the turn of the century. 

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