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Angel with his hands photo

Angel with his hands photo

Date: 16.10.2018, 16:19 / View: 62195

And then came the brightest holiday of the year - Christmas! We always look forward to this holiday and not only to tell fortunes on Christmas Eve, but also to rejoice at the birth of the Savior.

Christmas is always associated with angels. On this holiday, they descend from heaven to bring the good news to us. And at the same time, they are our advocates against dark forces. And it is in the Christmas Eve (from January 6 to 19) that any evil force is most active. Therefore, in every house there must be an angel figure that will protect you.

Now there are a lot of ready-made figurines, postcards, toys - choose any!

But for a long time, it is customary to make angels with your own hands. Such angels decorated the house or the New Year's beauty - spruce and gave to their loved ones. When we make a decoration or a gift with our own hands, we put a piece of our soul in them - such crafts will only please us and become the most expensive!

An angel can be made from any material: paper, cloth, beads, thread, sweets, even from cones.


But first of all, the angel is a talisman and at Christmas time - this is a very relevant protection! In such dolls they put incense or a cross. The angel decorated with white feathers or fluff looks very tender.

Amulets are mainly made of fabric and thread. The fabric must be taken white and bright colors, because the angel is a bright spirit. So, for the angel guard you will need: fabric (white light burlap or any other with large weave looks best); threads (in tone of fabric); silver thread (halo and belt); cotton wool or other filler (even fabric images); Christmas mood!

Cut a square out of the fabric of the required size, make a fringe around the edges.

From the filler form the ball, measure out the center of the square and lay it on the fabric.

Then, fold the fabric in the middle, make the angel's head, fix it with a thread. All edges of the fabric should be the same length.

Getting down to the hands. We turn the opposite corners inward, then again we fold both corners to the middle. Tie up with thread.

From the fabric that remained, we form the wings and the skirt of an angel. The body and the head of the figure are decorated with silver braid. Angel dress can be made in two versions, as you like.

There is a similar variant of the amulet doll, in which only wings are made (without hands). From the ribbon or satin fabric we make additional wings.

Such an angel can be packed in transparent paper and presented to guests when they bring you kutia or ate cookies with predictions.


I present to you another angel from the fabric, which you can Decorate a Christmas tree or window for the Christmas holidays.

For such an angel you need to prepare: two types of fabric; felt (for wings and head figures); golden braid (narrow and wide); A button in the tone of one of the fabric (a star made of felt); scissors, pencil, thread, black and red marker, glue gun (or superglue); good mood!

Cut two identical circles out of fabric, sew with each other and turn out.

Seal the hole, edges inside.

Wrap parts of the circle, forming a collar for the angel. At the junction, we connect the parts with a button or a star (we glue it).

For the face you will need circles of felt, which are painted with markers (eyes and cheeks). Nimbus - wide ribbon.

Wings - we cut out felt hearts, we sheathe them with threads and glue a narrow tape in the form of a loop between them.

We glue all the parts together and get a merry little angel!


Angels made of paper look very airy. They will even “flit” from each of your movement.

All that is needed for such an angel is to enlarge the scheme on the entire computer screen, attach paper, redraw the scheme and cut. Or print to a printer.

If you know how to work with paper in the style of quilling, then such angels are beautiful in their own way!


Crocheted angels look very tender and airy. Only for such angels will take time, so knit them in advance.


For lovers of beadwork, the theme of the angels will not pass by either.


Well, if you do not have anything at hand, then angels can be made from pasta! Glue together pasta of different shapes, paint with paint from a can.


From improvised means, such as wadded disks, snow-white angels are obtained. These gentle and simple angels are perfect for decorating Christmas gifts or Christmas meals.

For such angels, take any cotton pads, toothpicks, beads and glitter (best mixed with glue).

Next, we perform everything according to the scheme:


Now ice sculptures of angels have become fashionable. They decorate the streets on holidays and they are cut out of a whole piece of ice.

But we will do much easier. When you decorate the street for the New Year, freeze the ice angels themselves and hang them in the trees - this will be a very original piece of jewelry!

And making angels out of ice is very simple. Take molds for soap making or any other silicone forms of angel.

Fill with water, put the loop for the loop inside and send it to the freezer. As soon as the water freezes, our decoration is ready!


Of course, for sweet teeth, you can bake cookies in the shape of angels or make candy.

Cookies baked and decorated like any other for the New Year holidays, only in the form of an angel.

We make sweet angels from caramel according to the same scheme and recipe as delicious Christmas tree toys.

We take the form of angels, for candy or soap making and fill the multicolored caramel.

Such candies are great for a children's gift. And if you decide to decorate them with a room, then after you pour the caramel, put a ribbon in it.

You can simply put them on the table in a glass, but instead of a ribbon, put a chopstick (toothpick) or a Christmas cane instead of a ribbon.

I have described to you only a small part of the manufacture of Christmas angels ... You can choose any for yourself!

Bright and happy New Year holidays!

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