Anime characters to draw gradually

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Anime is a special kind of animated films. The usual stuff can not be named. This “kids movies for adults” or “adult movies”. The founders of the genre of anime considered Japanese. It is their keen and inquisitive mind came up with the idea of making movies with “deceptive” children's paraphernalia: the bright colors, underlined by a baby doll of a person, the sound and demeanor of the characters, the ways of expressing their emotions. But despite the seeming naivety, anime tends to attract the teenage and adult audience than for children. And therein lies the paradox of the genre. Japanese cartoons are very different from the Western “classics” — some people like this, and someone this otherness irritating and even frightening, because it seems incomprehensible. But in any case, few are indifferent to this animated genre. Anime can be large genre TV series with lots of characters, dynamic plot, the emotional perception of the world movie characters and often for greater expressionism — anime generously dressed with elements of fantasy, action, mystery and Horr. Where are the Japanese sources of inspiration? Often the characters represent the drawn embodiment of the computer characters in popular games and comic book characters, novels or, what happens much less frequently cartoon characters out of classic literature. There are also anime with a completely independent story, not gleaned from other sources. In this case, the anime itself becomes the basis of comics, novels, computer games. On our website featuring anime online you can watch anime movies free, using the descriptions given to sections and easy navigation through the site.

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