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There are lots of ways. If you want to make a bow as a “separate entity” - that is, first create a separate bow, then “plant” it on the box, then this video will help you:

If you need a bow, as the finishing touch of the packing tape, then this video shows how to tie it up. The advantage of the second method - the bow will be easily untied.

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On the eve of March 8, you can think about the beautiful design of gift wrapping, and about the main beauty - a beautiful bow. It can be made by hand. To collect an accordion gift ribbon from a larger coil to a smaller one. And from several blanks to form a flower for gift wrapping.

According to a similar previous description, thin cuts can be made and the flower will be transformed into another species, resembling a chrysanthemum.


To begin with, I will offer a variant of a very unusual bow in the shape of a baby elephant:

Ears are a piece of tape 27 cm long, folded in half, the ends are fastened together (with glue, threads ...).

The head is a piece 9 cm long, on top it is attached to the ears, the tape is doubled at the bottom, thus a proboscis is obtained.

It will remain to glue eyes and a bow at will.

The baby elephant is fastened either to the box, or to the tape with which we will tie the box (when it is already tied on the box, just sculpt the elephant or another bow in place of the knot).

Personally, I like it when the tape on the box is slightly shifted to one side, like this:

Cool idea with films:

Much depends on what material you have. Look: it seems nothing complicated and cunning, but how beautiful it turns out: img src = " /users/images/da/9d/da9dd7be250ec29f8e8f3b2bb50958b5.jpg "alt =" ">

Here are some cool double bows: img src = " /users/images/23/5e/235e0473201d71338eccac9a28775cf5.jpg "alt =" ">

You can put a butterfly bow on the box:


Wrapped gift in a beautiful gift paper, always requires the final touch - a beautiful bow - gift accent! But in order to make a bank beautifully, one needs manual dexterity and patience, at first it may not turn out very neatly and beautifully, but over time, by training, by filling his hand, bows will be obtained quickly and beautifully.

Several options for beautifully tied bows for gift:

Terry bow (Pom-pom), you will need a ribbon of rigid material that will hold the shape. hover text hover  hover text

Bow - chrysanthemum, it is better to make a solid ribbon. hover text


Decorating a gift with a bow (or bow) will give the gift box a festive and completed look. The bow can be made both large (for large boxes) and small (for small boxes). The color of the bow should be combined with the gift box wrapped in the box, or be contrast.

When you make a bow of satin ribbons do not forget to burn the ends.





Let's tie a bow of two different colors of satin ribbons? It will look very elegant and festive on the gift box. Tapes will be placed transversely to each other. First, one tape will cover the box and tie up the usual bow. hover text

The second ribbon also wears the box just across the turn of the first ribbon. It turns out the course of the tapes is a cross. Tighten this ribbon bundle under the first bow and tie the second bow. It is possible to tie both ribbons in a bow at once and to lay them beautifully - hover text

I often tie up gifts with paper ribbons. Exactly the same principle, I wrap the box, tied tzselki and scissors I spend with the effort on the remaining parts of the ribbons - they twist in a spiral and it turns out very nicely.


How beautiful to pack a gift yourself and tie a beautiful bow on the box? Let's learn!

I offer you several schemes according to which you can easily master this "art":

Now you can not only pack the boxes, but also tie the bow or bows in any position: in the middle, above, on the sides.

See also another tying example:


And finally, learn to tie a bow of packing tape:

Now you are a pro and your gift will be packed like a pro!


The simplest is to make a bow-flower. It is necessary to make an ordinary ring out of a ribbon, which we hold with our thumb and index finger. Depending on the size of the bow. which you would like to have, we cut the tape around the fingers several times. Then we tie up the rings in the middle with a long narrow ribbon, straighten each loop and fix it on the gift. hover text  hover text


On sale there are special ribbons for self-manufacturing gift bow. To make a bow out of it, you just need to pull off the thin ends to make an accordion, to fix the flower on the gift. Or you can use the video tutorial, which shows how to do it.


Beautifully tie a bow on the gift box will help you follow the instructions. img src = " /users/images/de/28/de2859fcd2bece2bf3b61e25ca080247.jpg "alt =" ">

Take the ribbon and fold it as shown in the step-by-step instructions in the pictures. Next, cross the cross, tie a box with ribbon, attach a bow on top. The gift is ready.

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