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Cleaning the injector is not the easiest thing to do, which is why not everyone wants to mess with it. Someone feel sorry for the time, but someone just is not confident in their abilities. If you nevertheless decided to save on the services of the service center, then we will consider the technology used for such cleaning. 1 When should I clean the injector?

For each car manufacturer makes recommendations on the frequency of cleaning the injection mechanism. But, as a rule, they are Europeans or Americans, and they do not take into account the state of the fuel that we have to fill in the tanks. Therefore, the injector will have to be cleaned much earlier, and you will have to do this more often than indicated in the accompanying documentation for the car.

 In the photo - cleaning the injector,

Domestic experienced auto mechanics advise that the injector nozzles be flushed every 10,000 km. However, it should be understood that this is not an axiom. You, as the owner, should listen to your car. You should be alerted by the following behaviors of your vehicle: the gas pedal periodically falls; motor runs confusedly; exhaust level increased; the smoke opacity increases; traction becomes noticeably low; overclocking is harder. 2 How do injector nozzles clean today?

To clean the injector, use ultrasound and fluid method. The first method is based on the cavitation phenomenon; it removes soot very effectively even in the most inaccessible places of the injectors. It is enough to lower them into a special bath, and a lot of rather powerful microexplosions, which are generated by ultrasound, will clean your parts to shine. But it makes sense to buy such an adaptation only in cases where you do this often, for example, you provide the appropriate services every day.

 Photo cleaning injector nozzles with ultrasound,

The liquid method is much cheaper, and therefore more accessible to any motorist. It should be resorted to if you notice a problem with the injector and decide that cleaning is necessary. In order to carry out the washing nozzles with their own hands, do not need special expensive equipment. Although the method itself is a bit more troublesome than in the case of ultrasonic cleaning. But since you decided not to seek help from specialists, let us analyze how to carry out the operation at home.

 In the photo - the liquid method of washing nozzles, 3 Why can't the injector status be triggered?

The main function of this mechanism is to supply fuel to the pistons, and the efficiency of its operation depends only on the condition of the injector valves. If the channels and holes have long been needed cleaning, they are clogged and overgrown with soot, then the supply of the combustible mixture will be difficult, if not completely. Hence the unsatisfactory work of the motor, which will affect not only its durability.

 Photos of the injector nozzle,

If you ignore the fact that it is time to clean the injector, the fuel consumption will increase evenly, gradually it will increase significantly. But this is not the only complication that threatens your savings in flushing the injectors. If they are allowed to re-contaminate, very soon they will have to be replaced, and this is much more expensive. So the most wise decision to save on this operation will be the implementation of its own hands.

 In the photo - the replacement of injector nozzles, 4 Remove the injector yourself

Cleaning the injector is possible only in a dismantled state. Therefore, we first understand, how to remove it with your own hands. To begin with, a rarefied atmosphere should be created in the fuel line, that is, pressure should be released. Therefore, turn on the engine and open the fuse box. Pre-look in the manual on the use of cars and find out which one is responsible for the fuel pump. With the motor running, turn off this fuse.

 Photo of the dismantling of the injector,

Now nothing prevents us from disconnecting the hoses (forcing and reversing) and disconnecting the terminals from the injectors. Next, remove the panel that holds the entire set of nozzles, and remove the sealing ring from each. Everything is ready for work, it remains only to figure out what is required of us to do the cleaning with your own hands.

 In the photo - a set of nozzles, 5 We clean the injector at home - preparation

Since you decided to flush the nozzles with your own hands, let us figure out what the essence of the liquid method is, and try to implement it. Conditions should be provided so that the solenoid valve can be opened and closed and fluid injected into the injector in parallel when it is open. In the closed position, he must be absolutely unable to miss it. Therefore, we collect everything you need to do the washing yourself.

 Photo of tools for washing nozzles,

It is necessary to purchase a carburetor cleaner and a device that can be used to flush this liquid through the nozzles. To do this, a bottle will fit, which you will connect to the hole in the part and the container (tank) where the medium used is injected. To control the solenoid valve, connect the injector terminals to the battery, and if a pass switch is available, connect it to this circuit in series. 6 Getting Started to Clean the Injectors

When the chain is collected, the fluid is charged, and you are ready, you can start cleaning the injector with your own hands. Pumping fluid, you need to close the circuit and open it, then the valve will pass the fluid and close the passage to it alternately. The switch will greatly simplify this procedure. Having passed a little money through the nozzle, you need to leave it for a while, as if to soak it off. With the next batch of liquid, the soaked liquid is expelled, and part of the tool again remains to soak off another layer of pollution, so cleaning will occur slowly.

 In the photo - do-it-yourself nozzles washing,

Flush all 6 holes and the valve seat. And you need to carry out such a procedure for 2-6 cycles. It depends on when the injector will work at the proper level. If the situation in the operation of the engine has not changed even after the most extensive cleaning, then the nozzles should be changed, because they do not provide sufficient fuel atomization for efficient operation. As you can see, the work will take longer than the ultrasonic cleaning of the injector. But if this operation is done by hand, the savings in money are quite tangible.

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