Christmas decorations from wool master class

Date: 15.10.2018, 00:43 / View: 43491

900 r Nine glass, Christmas tree decorations of the USSR-one lot.

793 r Christmas tree toys. FRUITS. VEGETABLES. Set of 10 pieces. USSR (I312)

3000 r 19 pcs sheaf wheat ears red cap tree Christmas tree Santa Claus Frost basilisa Snow Maiden

10,000 r USSR Christmas toy on the clothespin "Cheburashka"

3400 r Bear, Bear with a barrel number 2. Christmas decorations USSR

150 r Christmas tree toy on clothespin. House in the snow, Rare, SSSR.STEKLO.

393 r Christmas tree toys. FIGURES. Little ones. Set of 10 pieces. USSR (I384)

854 r Christmas toy wadded Hare in bast C 1 ruble!

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