Citizen rule 2080 fashion

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Microsoft acquires Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment!

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Star Citizen 3.3 Releases to live adds: Big performance boost, In-game ship purchasing, FPS AI missions, New ships, vehicles, mission giver, Quantum planning, new missions, and more. (3.3.5 enters testing adding first planet, first mega city, and 4 new moons, expected live release this month)

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Fallout 76 beta can't be uninstalled until you buy it...

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Game deals for the weekend

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Valve removes regional pricing from Artifact, puts value on all currencies

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Crackdown 3 releasing February 15th 2019

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Yuzu Emulator Upgrades - Multiplayer, Vulkan API, Performance & Render Improvements

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Tale of Two Wastelands Version 3.2 Released after 3 Long Years! (Fallout New Vegas mod that combines everything from Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas into one massive game)

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Bethesda plans to reuse the Creation Engine for Starfield and TES 6. (Xpost)

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Knyseed - A Stardew Valley like game from the creators of Fable now available in Early Access?

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