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CNC turning their hands

CNC turning their hands

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The full name of the machine sounds as follows: “Universal high-precision turning screw cutter 1И611П”. The machine belongs to the patriarchs of engineering. The lathe IZH 1I611P developed and produced Izhevsk Machine-Tool Plant "IzhmashStanko" back in 1960. This model of the machine belongs to one of the most popular since the times of the USSR. But, despite the fact that the 1I611P machine has already passed more than half a century and is currently used in many enterprises and performs works on metals of varying complexity. Lathe IL 1И611

IZH 1I611 lathe The purpose of the machine

The lathe on metal 1I611P is developed for performance of work on processing of metals. Its purpose is to work with any kind of metals. Especially it is often used in small-scale enterprises. It can process metal parts with high precision. The compact design of the machine allows you to install it in rooms located in high-rise buildings. The machine has a weight of only 1120 kg, so it has found application in the equipment of both automotive and railway mobile workshops.

Download the passport (instruction manual) of the machine IL 1I6111P

IZH 1I611P lathe and its technical characteristics provide the following work: all types of turning and milling works; grinding products from various materials; work using the end tool, which is fixed in the drill chuck.

The machine device allows you to work with blanks that have a cylindrical or conical shape. Its capabilities allow you to cut metric, inch and modular threads. Appearance of the machine 1И611 Appearance of the machine 1I611 Plates of the machine
Machine device - the main components and mechanisms

The passport and the scheme of the machine provides the following important components and mechanisms. bed

The bed is the main base unit and serves as the basis for installing individual components and mechanisms on it. For machines 1I611P passport and technology regulates the manufacture of the frame from nickel-chrome cast iron. Guides are installed on the bed, two of which have prismatic and two flat forms. They are hardened by high-frequency currents and carefully polished. The bed itself is mounted on a monolithic pipe. In front of the shelf is located, which serves as the protection of the lead screw from getting on him emulsion and chips. In the inner part of the frame is the electric motor and the main stroke gearbox, as well as the mechanisms of cooling and lubrication systems. In the cabinet of the bed there is a container for collecting coolant. In the right part of the frame is mounted a panel on which the electrical control devices are located. Headstock.

It is designed to secure and maintain blanks during their processing. The kinematic scheme of the machine consists of brute force, V-belts and gear couplings. Inside the headstock is a gearbox, which is controlled by handles mounted on its outer side. These handles regulate the speed of the spindle assembly.

On the case of the grandmother is attached a plate on which a diagram of the positions of the speed selector knob is applied. The spindle 1И611П rotates in the case of the grandma. Spindle bearings are used for spindle rotation 1I611P. Spindle bearings 1I611P can be used as rolling, and sliding. At the end of the spindle is fixed chuck. In order to prevent premature wear, spindle bearings 1I611P periodically should be inspected and cleaned from old grease. They are washed, dried and filled with fresh grease. Wash the bearings with gasoline.

The transmission moment on the spindle is transmitted by a V-belt transmission consisting of four belts. The spindle can rotate with 12 peripheral speeds. Rotation is transmitted from the receiving pulley and gear coupling. Kinematic diagram of the machine 1И611

Kinematic diagram of the machine 1I611 Tailstock

On the IZH 1I611P machine, the tailstock is designed for fixing long parts, if necessary, located in the machining center. In the 1I611P machine, the tailstock also serves to fasten various tools and devices on it, such as taps, reamers, dies, drills and other countersink tools. If on the 1I611P machine the scheme always provides for the same front headstock, then the tailstock usually has several modifications. Their designs may include conventional or built-in rotating centers. For example, turning centers can be equipped with an IZH 1116P lathe, the technical characteristics of which allow high-speed machining of parts. For such machines, a slightly different kinematic scheme is used. Tailstock of the machine 1И611

Back grandma of the machine 1I611 spindle

The spindle is a hollow shaft, the hole of which has a conical shape. The spindle assembly is considered the main assembly of the machine, since all the basic mechanisms are necessary for the spindle to work. It is designed to secure various tools in it. The passport of the machine and the instruction manual gives a complete list of the used tools and accessories that can be fixed in the spindle of this model of the machine. The spindle has a thread through which the faceplate is fixed on it.

Metal processing on the machine is possible only under the condition of reliable operation of the spindle. It is very important that the spindle bearings 1I611P had no backlash and slack. In the opposite case, this may lead to the fact that the tool holder 1I611P and the tool attached to it, will shake, and this will lead to a violation of the accuracy of processing. Caliper and apron

Caliper - a device that serves to secure and move various tools and accessories used in the machining of parts. The design of the caliper allows you to move the tool in any direction. Longitudinal movement provides a carriage, and the cross - slide. All these parts are mounted on a caliper. On the caliper is also a tool holder 1I611P, which moves with it. The cutting tool is placed in the cutter holder and bolted on top. The tool holder 1I611P has the form of the cylinder. For installation of the tool in the tool holder 1I611P a side slot is provided.

The lower part of the support of the lathe IZH 1I611P is occupied by an apron device. The apron is connected with the lead screw and shaft and provides the forward movement of the caliper. With the screw, the slide carriage moves longitudinally. The drive shaft gives the caliper translational movement with other types of machining parts.

On the outside of the apron is located feed control panel. By means of an apron longitudinal and cross giving of a support are carried out.

The movement of the caliper can be carried out in manual mode or automatic transmission. In an apron placed coupling, providing a feed caliper, both in forward and in the reverse direction. To prevent simultaneous activation of the screw and the drive shaft, a locking device is provided. In the apron is mounted and the mechanism that protects the gearbox from overload. feed box

The feed box is an intermediate node between the machine guitar and its lead screw and shaft. It is the torque that is transmitted to the screw and shaft. The guitar is located in the left end of the innings box. These all mechanisms are designed to change the pitch when cutting threads. The settings of the mechanism contains the manual for the machine (passport). The change of feed pitch is carried out manually with a mechanical switch. The working positions of the switch are shown in the table, which is located on the outside of the machine. Machine feed box

Machine feed box speed box

With the help of the gearbox, the spindle rotation is adjusted. It is the connecting node for transmitting the rotation from the main stroke motor to the spindle. The box is located in the inside of the headstock. Motion transmission can occur with different torques. The passport of the machine provides for a three-step change in the spindle speed. To control the rotational movement of the spindle on the machine provides a friction clutch. For such control, two handles are provided, one working, the other duplicating it. With these handles spindle You can start, stop or change the direction of its rotation. The electrical circuit of the machine

The electrical circuit of the machine is given in the operation manual (passport). The life of the machine is provided by three asynchronous electric motors: one engine drives the main mechanisms associated with the direct purpose of the machine, and the other two engines ensure the operation of the lubrication and cooling system. Electric circuit of the machine 1И611

Electric circuit of the machine 1I611

For the operation of the main drive, a single mains voltage is applied, which is agreed with the customer during the ordering process of the machine. As for auxiliary electrical units, they are powered by the following voltage classes: 36 V is used for local lighting; for control circuits 127 V, and for braking circuits 60 V.

Circuit provides for the protection of electric motors from technological violations, in particular against overload and short circuit. On machines of early models, motor protection from fuses is provided by fuses, and on new models, automatic switches with built-in electronic protection blocks.

Electric motors are protected from overloads by thermal relays that react to an increase in the current in the stator circuit.

Overview of performance requirements for electrical equipment: Engine bearings should be inspected and lubricated at intervals of at least 2 times a year. For washing the bearings, before changing the lubricant, only gasoline should be used, preferably of aviation grade; Electric motors and starting equipment should be cleaned on schedule from dust and dirt. Do not allow oil or other corrosive liquids to fall on the insulation of electrical equipment. This can lead to its destruction; at least once every 10 days, check the reliability of all contact connections of the electrical circuit; periodically clean electrical equipment cores from corrosion. The presence of corrosion on them leads to a strong buzz of these devices; in case of shutdown of the machine by the protection systems, it can only be switched on again when the reason for the shutdown is established.

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