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With your hands cheap

With your hands cheap

Date: 16.10.2018, 15:03 / View: 74292

The new columnist of the portal Domashniy.ru, interior designer Alexander Zabolotny shares with us the secrets of creating a stylish home interior. Today, your attention - 13 ways to spend on the design of the apartment less, and get a real masterpiece. In fact, it is quite simple. The main thing is to understand: what is expensive and looks cheap? And vice versa.

1. A good mine when a bad game. 12

Silk 100% polyester. Tile "under the stone", linoleum "under the parquet", laminate "under onyx", "Trekhgorka" under Ralph Lauren. Porcelain "python". “Artificially aged” is something there ... Even it is embarrassing to think about it. Alas, the number will not work. Look through the good interior magazines. There, everywhere stone is stone, tile is nothing more than tile, and wood is precisely that tree. If there is no money for parquet, and a simple laminate floor is below your dignity, look for a good engineering board. As a result, you get a floor that looks much more expensive than the money spent on it. A good alternative to porcelain tile for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways is cement tile. The result will look more expensive than a hundred times.

2. Leave the ceiling alone. 2

All became simply obsessed with ceilings! If you think sensibly, riveting attention to the ceiling, you only remind everyone of its existence. And according to its height. Two-sixty-high ceilings will not turn, though burst, into majestic arches melting somewhere in inconceivable heights. This can not be, no matter what you promised, "decorator tricks." Just accept it. High doorways can make for your home much more than a ridiculous five-layer ceiling with neon lights. Let the interior doors be two, say, twenty. A little doorknobs down, about five to seven centimeters. By showing a non-standard approach, you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

3. Selecting wall paint, think about the color movement around the house. 3

Neighboring rooms should be contrasted. If you have a bright living room, let the hallway be painted in a deep, relatively dark color. The cost of paint in any case will be the same, and the result can look really expensive.

4. Buy modular laminated wardrobes in the store, and order the doors to them in a good carpentry workshop. four

This will give you substantial savings, which, however, no one will ever notice. The same is true with regard to equipping the kitchen.

5. If you still purchase ready-made furniture, let the veneering of the facades be dark and the door panels be plain (rectangular). five

Remember: light wood always looks cheaper. Avoid yellowish and reddish shades of veneer. And, saving on the furniture itself, spend a good pen!

6. If you don’t have enough money for a good rug, look for a carpet of viscose or blended fibers, imitating a silk or wool nap carpet. ; 6

Choose the color and texture that suits you and order a piece of the size you need. For extra little money, sweep his edges with a braid.

7. Plant curtains on a tight lining. 7

Even an inexpensive curtain fabric will seriously benefit from this. Look for a fabric three meters wide. This provides significant savings. If you are not ready to spend a lot, discard the printed textiles (fabrics with a pattern). When cutting fabrics with a pattern, because of the need to properly join the canvas, there are a lot of scraps. The more rapport - the more waste. Do not use curtains for curtains. Let the seamstress lay "manual" folds. It is not so expensive, and the folds gathered on the braid look very cheap.

8. Set-headset-set. Identical things in the interior are permissible only in one case: if these are twins that form a symmetrical composition. Chandeliers, table lamps and wall lamps from one set, leave those whom God did not give imagination. They also - sets of upholstered furniture, "sofa-two chairs" and the like gentle feeling. For details, see the next paragraph.

9. Ready solutions.


Bad news: they are not. At least for us. The shower room is being built in a construction way because it is a room. If you do not keep a student hostel or an underground massage parlor with a striptease, a shower stall (this is a sad construction made of yellow acrylic and skewed doors) will not work for you. Do not waste on "designer" plumbing. Let the appearance of sanitary equipment of a bathroom (kitchen, bathroom) be dictated by a function. Buy sinks and faucets of simple shapes, without inappropriate decor. The toilet should be invisible and handle its responsibilities. Nobody will admire them, right?

10. Frames paintings, prints, prints, photographs and posters in simple but deep frames with glass and always in the mat. 9

Even a picture printed on a home inkjet printer (or a naive child drawing) looks very significant in such a frame. Play with the dimensions of the mat. Little work in a very wide mat looks very “design”. And, by the way, the cardboard for mat can be of almost any color.

11. Comfort. Another collective fetish.

12. ... Farewell, Sir Gypsy!


Blankets made of coarse calico Nefertiti, towels in scarlet roses, pillowcases “vyrvlaglaznyh” shades, nylon blankets with Shanghai leopards. All this - the attributes of collective farm chic, forgive me for being direct. They will not add comfort. Motley coloring is often necessary for these things solely in order to hide their extremely lousy quality. Let bed linen and bath towels be just white (options: ivory, ecru). But from excellent Egyptian cotton.

13. However, it is also important not to overdo it with ivory. The snorkel on the UAZ with his own hands
A circlet made of wire with their hands
The decor of the glass with their hands
Invitations with their hands in kindergarten
The tire with your hands sizes

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