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one We guarantee high quality

We fly more than one year. For several years we have tried, if not absolutely everything, then all noteworthy flight areas. On this site we offer only those flights that meet our high requirements.

To be modest, we are familiar with all the instructors who organize flights and accompany happy certificate holders in the sky.

Our portfolio includes two airways, two largest parachute drop zones and more than thirty airfields from which airplanes, helicopters, balloons and other equipment are taking off.

2 We offer a convenient location.

When choosing airfields and drop zones, we first of all thought about the quality and quantity of services. But also paid much attention to the geography of their partners.

We tried to make sure that they were all equally removed and evenly distributed relative to the center of Moscow - like the numbers on the watch face.

Thus, for whom you would not prepare an extreme certificate for new unforgettable impressions as a gift, in whatever area the recipient lived, we will offer a place that does not have to get half a day.

3 Created a clear service

We do not sell cats and other living creatures in bags. When we sell certificates, we probably already know partners who will gladly accept their owners and put into effect the protocol “The Best Extreme Gift for Men and Women”.

And we do not use the services of intermediaries. Therefore, when you or the certificate holders have questions about the services, representatives of the chosen site will quickly, professionally and essentially respond to them.

four Established fair prices

Gift certificates for the services of our partners cost us as much as the platforms estimate.

When we only thought about the concept of “Territory of Flight”, we immediately decided not to cooperate with dealers, aggregators, and not to add our own mark-up.

We adhere to these two simple principles in working with both private and corporate clients. By the way, we will be happy to assist you if you need to organize an exit corporate party.

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