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Haircut with their hands photo

Haircut with their hands photo

Date: 16.10.2018, 15:32 / View: 75273
Classic Men's Haircut

Classic men's haircut is considered the most attractive hairstyle option that can combine any of its varieties. In order to properly cut the hair of a man, you must first conduct a small study and determine what kind of haircut you will perform. After that, take a scissors or a machine and get to work. Making a classic haircut at home

First you need to decide how short the hair will be. The classic hairstyle stipulates that the back of the head is made with very short strands as well as whiskey. And then begins a gradual increase in length closer to the crown. Bang leaves each at will. All haircuts with a phased change of strands are related to the type of hairstyle with transitions in length. Therefore, it is important to decide what should be the maximum length of hair on each section of the head, even before the start of the haircut.

Let's look at the main options for classic male hairstyles. Caesar. You can make it with a minimum length in the back of the head and where the whiskey. On top of the strands are lengthened. The hairs in the upper part need to be combed up without dividing by parting. Short bangs need to be combed to the side. Under the German. In this model, the strands are almost completely shaved temples and the back of the head, and at the top leave a small cap of fairly short strands. This type is considered a popular option for military haircut. Athletes can do it too. At will, a man can make a bang. Princeton In this style, the hair in the upper area has a length of 2.5 to 5 centimeters. Further from them follows a gradual transition to short strands on the back of the head and on the sides. Iroquois. This hairstyle is similar to Princeton, but with a clear line of transition length. The hair in the upper zone is very long, and the temples and the back of the head are cut short or even shaved. Some prefer to do long bangs for men.

Decide where the length transition line will begin. Most men have different views on this nuance. Traditionally, the transition passes along the line of the ears, and then the length gradually decreases down towards the base of the neck. Such a transition can beautify the shape of the head. However, it is worth considering such moments: if you have sparse hair in places, then the transition needs to start at the place where the strand texture changes (if it is close to the ears) - this way it will be easier for you to disguise this flaw; if there is a tuft in the hair complicating the grooming of men with a transition at one point of the head, then it is necessary to outline the beginning of the transition line above or below it; With special care, we perform a bang to a man, taking into account his wishes regarding its length.

men's haircut How to make a short male haircut? Use the machine to cut men's hair. The use of such a device will provide an opportunity to get a cleaner and smoother result, which is unlikely to turn out when shearing with scissors. To perform a hairstyle for a German or any other version of a short haircut, you need to use different nozzles: the upper part can be made nozzle No. 3, whiskey - No. 2, neck - No. 1. What method is called 1-2-3. We begin to create a hairstyle with the nozzle number 3. Install it on the machine and then you should cut the whole head, given the back of the head, temples, crown. They should get the same length. In order for the haircut to come out even, it will work correctly against the direction of growth of the strands. Go to the nozzle number 2. With vertical movements, we cut the hair on the back of the head upwards from the neck. It is necessary to stop near the top of the head so that the strands on it remain long enough.

Tips: when approaching the top of the head, you need to slightly move the device from the skin. so you achieve a smooth transition. To smooth out any irregularities, it is enough to walk on them with the nozzle number 2. We finish at the nozzle №1. Starting from the neck and gradually moving towards the center of the neck, work the machine ascending. On the line of transition of the length of the strands should slightly move the unit. Next, continue to cut the entire head, while moving the device at the same distance from the head. If desired, you can optionally perform bangs. Check the whole hairstyle. Perhaps, at this stage, any irregularities will be revealed, very long or too protruding strands. You need to work on them with a machine with the appropriate nozzle. At the end we shave the hair along the neck, so that a clear border of the lower part of the haircut comes out. Long haircut with your own hands We will work with a machine in combination with scissors. Hairstyles like Princeton and Caesar will require the use of several tools. But the principle of hairstyle remains the same: long strands are left on top, and the temples and the back of the head should be made short. However, the ways to achieve the transition are significantly different from the previous method. By wetting your hair, you can ease your work. It is enough to wash your hair and slightly wet it before starting the haircut. First you should cut the bottom. This time we are starting to shorten the strands from the neck upwards. Here you can use a flat comb. With its help you will lift your hair, holding them between the middle and index fingers. The direction of the fingers is vertical. Using scissors, shorten the strand between your fingers. Next, pick up small strands and reduce their length by the same distance from the head. Do this until the neck is cut from the neck to the lower ear line.

Tip: if a man wants to have very short strands at the bottom, then it is better to use a machine with a nozzle number 3 to work on the specified area of ​​the head. By Apply upward movements, slightly move the device as it approaches the bottom of the ears. Go to the temples and the back of the head. In a similar way it is necessary to process the side parts and the back of the head above the line of the ears. At the same time, it is worthwhile to slightly move the fingers away from the head to the side so that the strands pass through them very little. Bang leave at the request of men.

Tips: Tilt the scissors slightly to follow the curves of the head. If the scissors are directed to the head, and not from it deprives the opportunity to do the work correctly. After you finish with the 2nd part of the haircut, you need to check the hair. They should be quite short at the neckline and to the border of the ears and slightly longer from the ears to the top of the head. Correct found irregularities, gently trim them with scissors, which are always tilted taking into account the bends of the head. Cut the top of your head. Strands need to lift up so that their edges are between your fingers. Next you should cut them with scissors. Such actions are carried out around the perimeter of the head, until the length becomes the same. Note again the transition from the top to the back of the head. Is there a smooth transition? If you do not like something, use scissors to make an adjustment. Remember that the fingers must be upright. Only in this way can you achieve the desired result. Then check the hair in front. Do you need the length of a man's fringe? If changes are required, then wet the strands again, and then correct. Make a haircut check. Combing hair and carefully look. If defects are found, the hair is moisturized and corrected again.

As you can see, you can make a male classic haircut at home. We introduced only the main stages of the hair. Do not forget that every man has his own hair type, requiring changes in the technique of work. And for this you need a little strength and experience. We recommend reading

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