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Foggy Textures and Overlays


Add a mythical, eerie, or mysterious feel to your images with these gorgeous fog and mist overlays.

One of the greatest things about modern day photography is that you don’t need the perfect shot to get the effect you want. By utilizing different design programs and tools, you can adjust your images after the fact to get exactly the look you envisioned.

Of course, the perfect shot does help things in the long run. But I digress.

Fog, smoke, and mist overlays are the perfect tools to have if you want to add a hauntingly beautiful effect to your images, but Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with you. With a few clicks, these premium textures will transform your project, saving you time and energy.

And here at Medialoot, we’re all about saving you time! Let us know what you think about our fog and mist overlays below.

Mist and Fog Overlay Texture – Free

At Medialoot, we designed these stunning mist and fog overlays to complement your photographs in the most fantastic way. Whether you want to make a landscape shot seem a little bit more eerie or you want to add a bit of mysteriousness to a portrait, our eight black and white files will be perfect for you.

You can easily use these overlays by placing them on top of your existing image and using the blending mode to adjust the opacity.

25 Fog and Smoke Overlays -

Even though this pack of fog and smoke overlays look so professional, they’re actually a cinch to use. You can quickly add the mood-setting textures to any image with very little effort. With your purchase of this set, you’ll get 15 smoke and 10 fog overlays, more than enough to add variety to any of your projects.

Fog, Mist, or Smoke Overlay -.90

Another set of 25, what makes this set so awesome is how subtly the different overlays can be used. By selecting the dust texture you want and adjusting its size and opaqueness over your photo, you can completely control your final outcome.

Fog and Mist Overlay - Free

You get 10 free fog overlays with this download, giving you more than enough options to use for your projects. The high-quality textures are so easy to use, with just a simple drag and drop method that even a novice will find understandable. And the overlays add just the right amount of atmosphere to images without being too exaggerated.

60 Colored Fog and Smoke Overlays -.90

Yes, you read that right! This pack comes with 60 unique and varying fog, mist, and smoke overlays. You might never need another set if this is the one you opt for today. What makes this pack so great is that the textures were designed for high fashion images, so they are of the best quality.

175 Fog and Smoke Overlays -

Fog overlays are awesome for fantasy inspired images. However, they can also add just the right amount of oomph to a landscape image, which is why we had to include this option in our roundup. The realistic texture adds a gorgeous cloud effect that is perfect for your field, lake, or mountain scenes.

200 Fog Overlays for Photoshop -.20

Well, we just keep outdoing ourselves. If you thought 60 overlays was a good deal, you’ll adore this set of 200. Each of the 200 fog overlays is of the highest quality. And because there are so many options in this pack, you can spend less time messing with the different settings and find an option that closest matches your needs.

Heads up: There are coupon codes available for and orders!

Fog Photoshop Overlay -.20

You would think that after a while, fog and mist overlays would begin to look the same. However, this set proves that is very much not the case. The six gorgeously detailed and high-quality overlays in this set bring a degree of fantasy into the real world. With just the lightest touch, you can transform a mundane image into a mythical work of art.

Fog and Mist Photo Overlay -.90

We’ve included this option on our list because it offers different sized overlay options for those who don’t always want to work with a huge file. Every one of the 35 fog, smoke, or mist overlays in this pack can be adjusted and customized to just the right level for your unique design. And because each texture is broken down into layers, you won’t find another option that’s so easy to use.

10 Colored Smoke Overlays -.50

We’ve talked about how the right fog and smoke textures can make a photo look like something straight out of a fairytale. If you want to take it up a notch, try one of these gorgeous, out of this world color overlays. The rich, vibrant clouds will completely transform your images into works of fantasy-based art.

20 Fog and Mist Overlays -.80

With 20 high-resolution files, this set of realistic fog and mist overlays add a haunting effect to even the most basic images. While you will need a bit of Photoshop knowledge to use these textures, once you place them over your images, you can get your desired effect in no time.

Smoke Overlays -

Sometimes the overlays you need aren’t for fantasy-themed images, but for a little bit of reality. Whether it’s adding a string of smoke to a cigar or filling a bar with that thick, heavy smoke that comes from cigarettes, sometimes you need something a little more textbook. These textures are perfect for basing your images in reality while still keeping them gorgeous.

20 Fog and Smoke Overlays -.24

The drama of these overlays are so super perfect for high fashion, high-resolution images. You can adjust the thickness of these fog textures through your layered masks. In a very straightforward manner, you can erase the fog from the areas you would rather have clear, making this set very versatile.

14 Real Colorful Smoke Overlays -.61

Another colorful option for those of you who like to think outside the box. What makes this set so outstanding is that they were created using real smoke bombs, so there’s a degree of authenticity that you won’t find elsewhere. Another reason to love this set is that even though the textures are very easy to use, they come with step-by-step instructions for your convenience.

104 Fog and Smoke Overlays -

Well, you can’t say we haven’t given you a lot of options. Once again, we have over 100 overlays for you, each one designed to give your images an atmosphere of mysteriousness. With a few little tweaks and changes, you can adjust these textures to the perfect opacity for your project.

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