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Homemade cultivator for tractor

Homemade cultivator for tractor

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Can I make a hand-held cultivator to give my own hands

With the arrival of spring, gardeners start the most labor-intensive period of the year. It was during this period that a manual cultivator came to the rescue, which helps to dig up the site, preparing the ground for planting crops.

As is known, it is the loosening of the soil that is one of the most labor-intensive processes for the summer resident. Most gardeners take the habit of a shovel, and then begin to work until the seventh sweat. But all this can be avoided by using a simple but very convenient device, namely a cultivator. It can be manual or electric. The first type is easy to use and low cost. Moreover, if desired, you can make a hand-held cultivator to give your own hands. Any tool of this type, even the simplest, can significantly ease the life of the summer resident and speed up the process of spring cultivation. Therefore, experienced gardeners recommend keeping the cultivator on hand to all his colleagues.

Content What is a cultivator?

Many summer residents constantly use such devices. Without them it can be very difficult when it comes to digging up the earth. Cultivators for the garden can be manual and electric. But any of the options would be a great helper to the summer resident and the gardener.

Manual small cultivator is much cheaper than the one that is equipped with a motor. Moreover, these models have such an advantage as low weight, so the device can be easily stored and moved from place to place. Some manufacturers offer the most compact and lightweight models that take up little space in the barn or in the storage compartment for garden tools.

Feature of the cultivator is that it not only loosens the soil, but also allows you to eliminate the roots of weeds. Moreover, with the help of a cultivator, you can better fertilize the soil. With all its positive qualities, this device is not only cheap enough, but does not require compliance with complex requirements for use and maintenance. Homemade excavator

Homemade okuchnik

It is worth noting that a light cultivator will be an indispensable assistant to the gardener not only in the spring, when you need to prepare the soil, but also in the process of caring for plants. For example, the device does an excellent job with hilling up beds, thinning plants and loosening the soil.

If you compare the cultivator with a shovel, then the advantages of the first are obvious. However, the power and performance of this tool can not be compared with the walk-behind tractor. However, if we are talking about a standard garden of 6 acres, then conventional manual cultivators for tillage in the country will work very well. You do not have to fork out for expensive equipment and look for a place to store a large unit. Among the additional advantages of the cultivator, it is worth noting the possibility of using it in hard-to-reach areas, which is due to its special design. With the tiller such work can not be done.

Any cultivator, both manual and electric, is equipped with special cutters. This allows the device to move along a particular path that a person chooses. Thus, it is possible to achieve high quality soil loosening.

Often, manufacturers equip standard cultivators with additional nozzles. They greatly help in the work on the site. For example, with the help of paws, it is more convenient to thin out the beds and engage in loosening the soil. The special sock, which is put on the device, makes it possible to cut even the heavily stale layers of the earth, which simplifies its further loosening.

With the help of a cultivator, you can create rows for seeds. To do this, use the nozzle, which is called Hiller. They can also spud plants when sprouts appear from the seeds.

For the most difficult situations, when the soil is covered with a strong crust, you can take a disk with needles. He will quickly correct the situation and give the opportunity to continue to work with the land without any problems. In addition, many cultivators are equipped with feeding knives. This is a special device that makes it possible to conveniently apply fertilizer to the soil. What could be a cultivator?

Despite the fact that the manual device is most popular and in demand, choosing cultivators, it is necessary to remember that they are of several types. However, they differ significantly in price, and may also have some advantages for working in a given situation.

One of the most convenient options is considered rotational. This design, which consists of 4 identical discs that rotate when the cultivator is involved in the work. In addition, there is a moving knife, staples, handle and handle with additional wheels.

When using this design there is no need to hold it in your hands. The cultivator moves at the expense of auxiliary wheels and discs, which immediately loosen the ground. In this configuration, the device can not only prepare the ground for further planting, but also rid it of weeds. This is a very convenient option for those who have a large enough area.

Those who use a little land for planting, or are planning to purchase a device for working in greenhouses and greenhouses, should choose a mini cultivator. This is a small device that is convenient to work in small areas and loosen the soil near the bushes and trees. In addition, mini cultivators for gardening are suitable for the rapid removal of weeds in flowerbeds.

If the work is to be large, and the area of ​​the plot is not limited to 6 acres, you should choose a gasoline cultivator. This is a walk-behind tractor, only in the simplest version. It works quickly and is capable of digging the soil to a depth of 150 mm. It is convenient to use it not only for loosening the soil in the garden, but also for the formation of the landscape of the local area.

Petrol cultivators, unlike most hand cultivators, are able to cope with even the heaviest soil. At the same time, they simultaneously remove weeds, roots and other unnecessary elements from the soil.

If the gardener's task is only spring soil loosening, then a mini-cultivator can be used. This is a simple option that can be compared with a rake. At the end of the handle there will be several pointed teeth that penetrate the soil and loosen it perfectly, at the same time allowing you to dig out weeds that are not too deeply rooted. Such a cultivator will be a great help when caring for flower beds and even houseplants.

One of the popular variants of such a baking powder is Tornado. This is a device that not only plows the top layer of soil quality, but also quickly removes a large number of weeds. Its feature is the teeth, directed in different directions. Due to this, the cultivator works quickly and efficiently performs its task. Tornado can loosen the soil at a depth of 20 cm, which is considered an excellent indicator.

The most expensive models belong to the class of electric. They are quite maneuverable and are suitable for a lawn, that is, its planting, hilling of bushes, trees, and treatment of beds. But when buying such a device you need to pay attention to such a moment as the presence of a battery. If the cultivator doesn’t have any autonomous work, you will have to use a cord, that is, the device will not be able to function in the garden, which is located away from home. Cultivator from a bicycle

In order to get a reliable assistant, as well as to quickly and conveniently cultivate the land in spring and summer, it is not at all necessary to spend money on the purchase of a cultivator. Such a device is quite possible to make their own hands. To do this, do not need complex parts, it is enough to prepare an old bicycle, two-handed saw, drill, grinder, drill and keys. It does not matter what condition the bike will be in, since it only needs a frame and a rear wheel.

At the place where the wheel will be missing, it is necessary to attach the blades, which can cut and loosen the ground. In this case, among the blanks was a two-handed saw, which will go to the expense. The best option would be to use the old head from this cultivator. But in its absence, you can use a saw or pointed rods. The device, which will play the role of blades that break the soil, must be attached to the place of the missing wheel. Additionally, you can modify the handles of the bike so that they are more comfortable and suitable for hard work. Homemade cultivators

The device from the old bike, made by hand, is the simplest an option for which no special tooling skills are needed. But if a professional takes over, you can also make an electric cultivator at home. To do this, it is enough to use an ordinary industrial meat grinder. But here you will need welding skills and some tools.

If the master has the opportunity to work with metal, then you can create something like a Tornado model with your own hands. But here you have to independently produce twisted and pointed teeth, and then correctly place them on the main pipe. If you look, then there is nothing difficult in making a Tornado with your own hands. The main thing is to make the teeth correctly, and to be able to use the welding machine in order to attach them securely.

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