How to design a fashion magazine

Whether you desire to make a fabulous fashion magazine for your masterpieces or for your fashion show, it takes time to arrange the how to design a fashion magazine layout. As always the editors keep the content for printed magazine in PDF format, Flip PDF can help you to create a digital fashion magazine from PDF.

Step 1: Design the cover.

With Flip PDF, you can make a hard cover of the digital fashion magazine. Also, you can beautify the reading interface with predesigned themes and templates. Place your banner across the top is also possible.

make a fashion magazine

Step 2: Arrange the layout of pages.

For the readers to easily find the interested fashion topics, you can add bookmarks and tabs on the page. Also, Flip PDF allows thumbnails for skimming.

make a fashion magazine

Step 3: Insert images and videos

To display more images, Flip PDF provides you with the sliders. You can insert a series of images in a slider. Then it can display one by one. As for inserting the videos, you can add local video or /Vimeo video directly in Flip PDF page editor.

make a fashion magazine

After editing, you can Apply Change and publish the fashion magazine to local or upload online. Of course, you can share with fans or friends via emails or social networks.
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