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How to make a three-dimensional image in photoshop

How to make a three-dimensional image in photoshop

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It’s hard to say who made the cake. 80-90 years of the last century.

It’s not a complete match for the "Turtle". Cake "Turtle" step by step recipe of the basic principles of cooking

Cake "Turtle" is made from sponge cakes,

For making cake use only the freshest and natural products. The flour should be only the highest quality. Eggs to get a bit of a fancier. Sour cream should not be as fat, not less than 20%. If you cant help you, you can take it. It is added to sour cream and whisk. So the cream will turn out fluffy and thick.

You need to know how to get a little dough. For this we need flour, eggs and sugar. Eggs must be refrigerated. Proteins are carefully separated from the whites. It is worth noting that you can’t get it, but it’s not worth it. Proteins whistle blended into a thick foam. You can beat the eggs in a lush foam, not dividing them into proteins and proteins. Then pour the sugar and continue to beat until it dissolves. Now one by one enter the yolks. The sifted flour becomes more homogeneous. Biscuit: the dough whisk in one direction only.

Sour cream is prepared by whipping cream with sugar. This recipe is a simple cream. But you can vary it by adding condensed milk, berry puree, etc.

Cake "Turtle" step by step, recipe biscuits for baking, making it out. It is soaked faster than you can dip it. Legs and neck make korikov, which are baked in an oval shape. Head left round pellet. Confectionery surface step by step recipe berries recipe berries recipe berries berries berries berries. Recipe 1. Cake "Turtle" step by step recipe

Ingredients for the cake "Turtle" step by step recipe

two tablespoons of cocoa powder;

six eggs;

one and a half teaspoons of baking soda slaked;

white sugar - half Cup;

flour - two glasses.

white sugar - half Cup;

fresh strawberry - 300 g;

condensed milk - 200 g

Chocolate glaze

milk - half Cup;

black chocolate - 100 g;

butter - 50 g

Method of preparation

1. Before you start cooking the oven. It should be soft.

2. In the case of fluffy foam. Not stopping the process of churning, enter a thin stream of sugar. Disperse in the egg mixture completely. I can use powdered sugar. Paramonov sugar through a coffee grinder. Powdered sugar will dissolve much faster than the eggs, will be delicate and smooth.

3. Pernate flour twice through a sieve and combine with cocoa. Stir. Cocoa powder, use only the high quality. The flour should be of the highest grade. Coconut flour mixes and cocoa. Watch to avoid lumps.

4. Now, add baking soda hydrated. Repay it with vinegar or lemon juice. Mix again. You should get a rather thick batter. Whisk batter in one direction only This is the secret of a good biscuit.

5. Cover a baking sheet with oil. Sponge cakes are easily removed. This is a process of baking the dough rises. Six pellets make oval. Legs of a turtle. Use of a special silicone pad. His oil is not necessary.

6. Place baking sheet until it will turn brown. For ovens and ovens for baking; Continue to bake cakes until you use all of the biscuit dough. Ready to go biscuits, in a separate bowl.

7. When baking cookies, do some cooking cream. Strawberries sort, remove rotten, tear off the tails. Place them in a colander and rinse under running water. Place on a paper towel and dry. Bowl with tolkushkoy for potatoes. You can blend strawberries by placing them in the bowl of blender and killing until smooth. The remaining strawberries are cut into small pieces. In addition to condensed milk and condensed milk If you are unable to find a thick oil. Condensed cream, condensed cream, strawberry puree and sliced ​​berries. Whisk a couple of minutes on low speed. The cream will become a soft pink color and a pleasant strawberry flavor.

8. In a small saucepan, pour it over. Milk is better to take home. A bar of dark chocolate. Continuously stir the mixture until the chocolate is melted completely. Make sure you don't stick to the sides and bottom. Remove the pot from the stove. Whisk until glaze is smooth. Leave to cool. The film is not formed.

9. To form the cake in two ways. One round cake set aside. Of them later. Cream This is the second layer of tortillas, only making it smaller first. Laying out the cakes, reducing the circumference of each layer, thus forming a tortoise shell. This method is suitable for impregnation. If you have no time, you can take it. On the sides of the oblong insert the biscuits. These will be the legs, neck and tail. Neck to secure it with cream round cake. This is the head. Lubricate and bake to order.

10. Then remove the cake and pour the chocolate glaze shell. On top of it can cause the picture sour cream. Legs and muzzle, draw with chocolate glaze. You can buy a special candy pattern. For the confectionery, you can put in the confectionery syringe with a thin nozzle. If you’re looking for thin strips. For a couple of hours.

11. Serve cake “Turtle” step by step recipe on the table. Not too sweet soft drinks, tea, milk or coffee. Cake "Turtle" step by step recipe - Sprinkled between layers of walnuts, it can be even tastier. Cake "Turtle" step by step recipe can be prepared without baking. To do this, use ready-made biscuits. Black chocolate icing for the cake For the cream use at least 25% fat.

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