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How to make blackout

How to make blackout

Date: 16.10.2018, 15:04 / View: 55231

October 16, 2018

Author KakProsto!

The effect of darkening at the edges of photographs is used quite often. It allows you to draw attention to the main objects in the photo or to give the photo more individuality. Adobe has now added a new Lens Correction filter to the most common graphics editing program from Adobe. The use of this filter is necessary to correct problems when photographing, arising from the lens of the camera. This may be negative distortion, vignetting, etc .. Although the application of this effect is poorly expressed, however, it greatly affects the image. How to make darkening along the edges

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Create a copy of the layer. To do this, do the following: in the top menu, select Layer (Layer) and select New (New). Then click "Copy to new layer" (Layer via Copy). In the panel you will see a copy of the layer. It should be above the back layer.


Open the Lens Correction filter. Now you need to select the created copy of the layer (by default it is assigned the name “Layer 1”). In the top menu, select Filtr. Now you need to select Distort. And then select Lens Correction (Distortion Correction). To continue, you will need several functions that are located in a new window.


It is necessary to disable the grid. At the bottom of the window is the inscription Show Grid. Uncheck the box opposite this label.


Drag the Effect slider from the Vignette. This needs to be done for more smoothing. Almost all functions that are available in “Distortion Correction” are located on the right side of the window. If you look closely, you can see that they are divided into groups. In this window, we need only two options. They are located in the Vignette group. These options are simply necessary to remove problems when using camera lenses. But with the help of them you can smooth out a certain amount of detail in the photo. Consider them in more detail: Option Amount (Effect) - determines the degree of smoothing. Dragging the slider to the left, blurs the boundaries of the photo.


It is necessary to level the middle point. Below the “Effect” option is the Midpoint option. It determines how far the darkening effect from the center of the image extends. Drag the slider left or right to smooth out only the edges or vice versa of the center of the photo.


If you are satisfied with the result, then click OK to save the changes made.


Overlay effect. To do this, you need to set the opacity of the layer. If you think that the photo is very blurred, you can reduce the opacity of the layer.

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How to make blackout at the edges

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