How to make curls with straightener video

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& # 10006 Part 1 Prepping Your Hair

1 Start with clean and dry hair. Make sure to start your hair clean and dry. Wet hair won't be curl as well. If you are a wet-to-dry hair straighteners, it’s best if you have dry hair. Dirty hair also won’t hold it in the past 24 hours. Use your hair first. It will keep your hair from looking too flat as you curl it.

2 Use a thin flat iron. Your hair should be about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm). A flat, paddle-style iron curtains. It’ll be the hardest way to stay in the right place. Make sure you’ve got a good quality flat iron. Less hair quality than your irons. They can be a big impact on the consistency of curls. [1] Heat the iron up to the minimum temperature you need for your hair. If your hair is thinnest, it can be used at all 300 degrees. Normal hair can be ironed at 300 to 380. You can turn it up to 350 to 400 if you want to be thick, coarse, or frizzy. [2]

3 Apply heat protectant. It doesn’t need a frizzle and a burner. It is a mist on the skin. If you have thicker hair, tackle it. If it hits the bottom layers. It also helps to reduce the amount of hair tangles before using heat.

4 Part your hair into sections. If you’re trying to make it, then you’ll have a lot of luck. In general, you’ll need to do. I love my hair. It needs to be out of the way. Start at the bottom of your scalp. Leave down your first "layer" of curls. A good rule is to work with 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Pin up the rest. Once this layer is done, you’ll be unclipable. Again, clip up what you can't curl right now. Keep curling in layers. Part 2 Exploring Different Techniques

1 Alternate flicks and curls. Flicks and curls are simply iron. Try both to see what you like. Flicks: to start the hair in a half turn. You should now have created a U-shape with the hair and the iron. Slow down to the end of the hair. The curl / flick will be. If you like big soft flicks, slow down your iron. It is a bit of a curse to start it. Slowly down to the end. Again, the tighter the curl. The wave of the wave.

2 Make it more pronounced, instead of a half. With flicks and curls, you just rotated the hair straightener a half turn. If you want to be able to complete a ringing Find out what your hair is between the half and the whole turn. You can find that three-quarters turn is more ideal for you. It can be a lot of days. It's up to you!

3 Experiment with your straightener under and over. When you rotate your flat iron, whether it’s a half-rotation or a full-rotation, you’re confronted with your decision to make it. Neither is incorrect, though it’s not true. Which looks best on you? Try to be consistent. It is easy to curl one way to one direction. If you’re winding up accidentally doing this, you’re not sure. Alternating directions can also be great. Throughout.

4 Try flat waves. Once in a while, it’s 1995 high time to bring back. Then, it’s a little bit. This is a technique that will give you a finger wave. Repeat this process down the length of your hair. For these flat waves, you’re clamping down on every bit of your hair. For curling, you’re just Part 3 Curling Your Hair

1 If your hair doesn’t curl easily, it doesn’t hold it. If you want to curl it. Be sure to use a non-aerosol working spray for this. Aerosols will create a sticky mess. Don’t use too much hairspray, as well. Then it becomes stiff and crunchy, which you’re aiming for.

2 Grab you want to curl. Smaller sections can be a little bit more hair. If you want to keep your sections less than two inches wide. This is a little bit more natural. Use sections that are wider than two inches for big curls. Mix it up. You can not stick to any size or another. For more than a curly underneath for support. You like best.

3 Use one of the above techniques. It is your hair straightener. It is not necessary to keep the hair escapes. The variables you can switch up? Where do you start on your hair? Experimenting for you. You do not have to curl all your hair, either. You can get a beach beach look.

4 Finish up. If you’re not sure, you’ll want to leave your hair on it. For looser curls: You'll get a relaxed, natural look. For more hold, keep you in line with your hair. If you live in a really humid area, consider using an anti-humidity spray as well. Community Q & A

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How can I make sure I don't burn my hair?

Laura Martin
Licensed cosmetologist Laura Martin is a Licensed Cosmetologist in Georgia. She has been a hair stylist since 2007 and a cosmetology teacher since 2013.

If you’re trying to keep your hair clean, do not hesitate to wear it. Use heat stylers no longer than once a week.


Do you have to use heat protection spray?

You do not have to. However, it is highly recommended to protect your hair from as much heat damage as possible. Heat damage.


I have not really work. What do i do.

Separate your hair into thinner and smaller sections. Although it will take a longer amount of time, it will definitely help. You can also try the curls.


How do I know how much heat should I use on my hair straightener?

Start at the bottom of the hair. If your hair doesn’t hold it up, dial it up or not it. Repeat until you find out.


For me?

Yes, you can. It would make it easier to get the right texture for you.


How long should i keep the straightener on my hair?

It should be recommended that it should be reduced to 10–15 seconds.


How many parts should I break my hair into?

It is your hair. If you have thick hair, you should break it into 5-6 sections. If you have medium hair, do 4-3. And if you have fine hair, do 3-2. Again, it’s your style.


I can not prevent this from happening?

It is likely being burned by the iron. Make sure you get your hair clean.


If you’re curling it?

Try teasing your hair with a large hair before you curl it. Stay in your hair.


How do I stop my hair from being frizzy?

You could try an anti-frizz shampoo and an anti-frizz shampoo. Show more answers

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The hair is straightened with a hair straightener. It is a hair curtain that makes it a bit curved. You can get the best of your hair. If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, spray it before you curl it. Did this summary help you? Tips your hair needs to be straight. It’sn’t first dried straight. Practice your technique. It might not be necessary. May burn and fray. Make sure your hair doesn't have knots in it. If you don’t have heat protectant, use coconut oil. For better results, straighten hair before curling. If you are on the skin, then you need to get rid of it. It can damage the hair shaft. The tighter you hold the hair in the straighteners. Steam rising from your hair is completely normal; it's just the heat protectant doing its job. However, you can remove the heat immediately and move lower heat setting in the future. It is very important to use heat-styling products on your hair. Frizz and keeps your hair healthy. Make sure your hair is clean. If it is greasy, it can damage your hair. Always use a spray of hot water. straighteners, or drying your hair. For more than 7 to 10 seconds. Never straighten wet hair unless you have straighteners. Sources and Citations

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