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How to make Vkontakte The Vkontakte social network has the largest audience of users in Russia, the capabilities of the resource VK are huge. Here you will find a lot of useful things for yourself, all in one place! Our site "how to make Vkontakte" will help you figure out how to properly use the social network Vkontakte, will tell about its secrets. How to make Vkontakte ...

You will learn how to make Vkontakte, all that concerns the following sections:

 Login to VK, login, password Login to Vkontakte - Everything related to the login and password of your VK page, phone number, how to restore the page, do not despair and create your page again, after all, its restoration is 5 minutes. Even if the number is lost or the password is forgotten.

 Download Vkontakte music to your phone, computer or USB flash drive Music - The most requested feature In VK, after the introduction of a paid subscription to music, we tell how to get around the limit (Limit), download music for Android or iPhone, there are applications for this. Save music from your page to a USB flash drive in a car or computer.

 People Vkontakte, find by photo, phone number People - How to find a person on the photo, how to find out the phone number of the person’s page Follow the collection of interesting news in the headings: How to do and What is ... Often you can learn a lot about a person, find your old acquaintances, friends, classmates.

 Vkontakte dialogue, dialogue VK Communication - In messages you can chat and play by correspondence, share files, use stickers and gifts.

Vkontakte photos, artwork, albums Photos - How to send, upload and download photos. How beautiful to make a post of several images and apply stickers.

 Other features, settings VK Other features - I wonder who came from the guests to you on the page? The application "Guests". Lots of everything new, use site search ...

 How to make VKontakte
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