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Recently, especially often there are situations where the user, as usual launching the browser, instead of the usual start page sees an advertising search engine, which is http: //. Despite the fact that, according to the official version, this web resource is very respectable and as useful as possible for Internet users by the portal, it is not at all different from the same product of ( The web portal allows users to use a search engine, register mail, learn about new domestic and foreign news, make new acquaintances. At first glance, as it may seem, the criminal site does not do anything criminal, by and large providing services identical to other search engines. Delete from computer

The program is able to change the start page of any browser.

The creators, like the developers of and, resort to the same method. Thanks to the embedded code, it seamlessly penetrates into any browser that is installed on the computer at that moment. The virus application, although it does not really affect the OS, spontaneously integrates into the installation packages of various programs that are not associated with it in any way. Naturally, the owner of the device must remove the application so that the cleverly thought-out extension could not harm, changing the start page of any browser. Why is it necessary to get rid of the advertising search engine?

No sane person will not tolerate imposed advertising, which itself simply "climbs" from the worldwide network, interfering with the normal functioning of the computer. If instead of the start page, appears on the monitor, it makes no sense to use this portal. This categorical nature is due to several reasons: the site is capturing user’s web surfing. Proven search engines, such as Google and Yandex, disappear from view, and a completely unfamiliar search service appears in their place; advertising posts with links in a great variety on the site’s pages with links are unsafe viruses and phishing; automatic reconfiguration of the start page of any browser, which occurred without the participation of the owner of the device, can not be deleted in two clicks. The problem lies in the fact that the use of standard methods is meaningless here - after rebooting the OS, the first site will certainly be loaded. Several methods to help clean your PC

Delete in any browser by cleaning the labels. You can perform this manipulation either manually or through a third-party utility.

To remove manually, it is necessary in the “Properties” of the shortcut located on the desktop to find the “Label” subcategory, and in it, in the “Object” line, delete the link that is added to the executable file. If Opera is installed on the user's computer as the main browser, the field should end with the words “Opera.exe”.

Cleaning the web browser shortcut

Remove from the browser to help effective utility FixerBro. It is preferable to stop at this application if more than one browser is installed on the computer and the user has to clear several shortcuts from the virus program.

After installing the FixerBro (you can download the application from the official website at the following address:, in the application window that opens, you need to find the Check button, so the utility will be able to independently scan all existing desktop shortcuts. After the detection of viral advertising sites in front of their names, you need to put a "tick" and click "Repair".

Restore shortcuts using FixerBro Full registry cleaning

To delete after restarting the OS in safe mode (by holding down the “F8” button) you need to enter the device menu using the “Start” button, in the search bar located at the very bottom, you must enter the word regedit.

In the Registry Editor that appears before the user's eyes, go to the search box (tab “Edit” subcategory “Find”), enter the link to the page of the site that we wish to neutralize later (in our case) and click “Find next”. Upon detection, delete the entry using the “Delete” button.

Cleaning the Windows Registry

However, you shouldn’t relax and stop at this - in order to completely clean the computer, you should run a cycle of checks several times so that absolutely all the registry branches are scanned.

The final step in the process should be to close the editor and reboot the system. Setting up the usual start page

After it was possible to remove from all installed browsers, remove the link to the malicious application, and in its place write the address of the usual search engine checked by the user.

Browser start page Conclusion

You can manually check your hard drive for viruses, of course, but it is better to use various utilities available in free versions, which will scan your computer in just a few minutes and remove the viral advertising sites. To avoid a typical problem later, you can download, for example, Dr.Web CureIt! or another anti-virus program from the official site and scan drive C. Such an application will not only neutralize the virus, but also be able to warn the owner of the device about the malicious application's desire to get to the computer.

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