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How to make the thing less

How to make the thing less

Date: 16.10.2018, 16:22 / View: 52141

Input data: you or your family, or, all the more, employees like coffee. And drink it a lot. At some point you get the idea that it would be nice to optimize the process. So that it takes as little time as possible, and the quality of the drink, at least, remains the same, and preferably it has risen to a new level. Therefore, you started to figure out which coffee machine to buy for your home or office.

And here it is necessary to dot the I. What is a coffee machine? How does it differ from the coffee maker? Why, in the end, coffee machines are several times more expensive? Do you need it, and not more affordable coffee maker? And if she does, what kind of coffee machine for the house is better? Or even more: what is the best coffee machine? What are the criteria for choosing a coffee machine among hundreds of models from a dozen brands? Coffee maker or coffee machine?

All such devices for making coffee are divided into two large classes: coffee makers and coffee machines. Coffee maker of geyser type

Coffee maker geyser type

Moreover, both classes have a lot of subclasses, coffee makers - and in general there is no reason for them: drip, geyser, rozhkovy, capsular, pods, etc. Here we will immediately explain: everything that is sold on the market as a “capsule coffee machine” is in fact a coffee maker. That is why their prices are much more modest than those of real coffee machines, and are comparable to prices for classic rozhkovy coffee makers.

The main difference between a coffee machine and a coffee maker is the minimum participation of a person in the preparation of a favorite drink, even if the drink is made from whole grains of coffee.

Such a unit is sometimes called an automatic coffee machine. This, strictly speaking, is obtained "oil oil". If you adhere to modern terms, the coffee machine can not be "manual", it will already be just a coffee maker. Thus, it can be said that any coffee machine is automatic.

Thus, if you need to use ground beans for making coffee in the device (buy ready-made or grind on a separate coffee grinder), this is by definition not a coffee machine.

In capsule and chaldovy coffee makers it is used ground coffee, which was pre-packed at the factory in special containers. By the way, buying such a device, you become rigidly tied to the manufacturer of capsules or pods. You generally can not use coffee that is not included in the manufacturer's range of certain "blanks". In this case, the prices of these capsules unpleasantly surprised. For a year or two, you will “surpass” the amount you saved by giving up a full grain coffee machine.

If you want to be able to make coffee from the beans (and it is known that within 15 minutes after grinding the coffee loses a significant part of the flavor), it’s as quick and simple as possible, the choice is obvious - a coffee machine. If the option with ground coffee is also acceptable for you, and you are not ready to spend a large amount on the device right away, then it’s better to look at the horn coffee makers. Minimal efforts to form a “coffee pill” in the “horn” filter - and you get an espresso that is almost as good as a delicacy from a coffee machine. Read more about the choice of horn coffee makers.

A coffee machine back is the only reasonable option if you like coffee drinks like cappuccino. Although here we are cunning, there are models of coffee makers, including caps coffee makers, which are also capable of it. But their price comes close to the cost of simple cereal coffee machines, and the acquisition becomes economically unreasonable. Learn more about cappuccino coffee machines.

Capsule coffee makers (in more detail about them) will suit quite lazy (the very minimum of device maintenance), not particularly zealous (expensive “blanks” - capsules / pods) and not very pretentious (still coffee in capsules noticeably lags behind the elite varieties of grain). But simplicity, compactness and cooking speed are beyond competition!
Drip coffee maker

Drip coffee maker

The most affordable on the market - drip coffee makers, they are also filtration. The choice of this "state". But this objective objective ends. No, they have, of course, advantages, like the large amount of beverage available after preparation (up to a liter or two). Plus - this is the most correct way to cook this "American". It is in America that drip coffee makers are common as much as possible. With a similar taste result, you can use a French coffee maker press: a glass tumbler with a metal piston filter. In any hypermarket, 300 rubles is the “red price” on “market day”. However, there are also fully automated drip coffee machines. But as for me, purely organoleptically, “American” is much inferior to real espresso ...

So, you seem to have decided. Off compromises, "buy a coffee machine home"! To make any Brazilian coffee in a single click turned into a premium espresso. And so that a gentle cappuccino could be drunk for breakfast, not otherwise!

Literally in the previous sentence, there is a fundamental division of machines into two subclasses: coffee machines with an automatic cappuccinator or with a manual one, it is also called mechanical. In general, a cappuccinator is a device for whipping milk or cream and creating a thick crema. The automatic version is usually a separate container in which you just need to add milk, the device does the rest. There are options with a discharge tube, which falls into any container and sucks milk from there. In the case of a “tricked out” car, you can even set the degree of density of the snow-white cap in the settings. Rozhkovaya coffee machine. The left handset is a cappuccinator

Rozhkovaya coffee maker. The left tube is a cappuccinator

Manual cappuccino coffee machines have a separate metal tube from which steam is released under pressure. You pour the milk (cooled and better fatter, at least 2%) into a separate cup, substitute it under the tube and in a circular motion, catching the border of liquid and foam in the glass, move the container up and down, beating the milk with steam. If the machine is equipped with a nozzle “panarello”, then the process will be easier, but some skill is still needed.

It is clear that cars with automatic cappuccinator are more expensive. But then you get not only espresso at the touch of a button, but also cappuccino, as well as other coffee drinks, latte, latte macchiato. Indeed, in this case, the machine at any time can itself use the milk to create any “snacks” in automatic mode.

In any subclass of coffee machines, even with an automatic, even with a mechanical cappuccinator, there are divisions into conditional “tricked-up”. Simple, more affordable machines can literally have a couple of buttons: make “espresso” and “regular coffee”. Yes, in any case you can set the volume of a serving or get hot water to dilute the drink (or even tea).

Yes, any grain coffee machine will perfectly grind the grains (with the very rare exception, they are all equipped with high-quality burr mills), while having an adjustment of the degree of grinding. By the way, there is an opinion that a coffee machine with ceramic millstones is definitely better, they say, they do not set fire to grain. This is partly the case. But to notice this you have to be a true expert, believe me. In the place of an ordinary amateur, I would not do this with any particular emphasis and proceed from the choice of material from the millstone grinders.

But not everyone will provide a choice, for example, the strength of the drink. Not to mention the touch screen or memory for several different recipes. Expensive machines that can cook “one touch” espresso, cappuccino, latte and other invigorating “nectars”, and even different strength and volume, can have electronic “databases” for all family members or even a small office. A person walking up to a gadget simply clicks on his name in the menu and after a minute picks up a cup of the most delicious elixir.

And there are also such “robots” that connect directly to the water supply, provide water purification and are ready to give out hundreds of cups a day. But we are already talking about industrial or professional coffee machines for cafes, restaurants and hotels. So it may cost to buy the cheapest coffee machine for the house and not "steam"?

It may well be! The paradox is that all these divisions into subclasses inside classic coffee machines are due, above all, to additional service functions and workload on the device, productivity. Of course, the design and the nameplate on the front panel have not gone away.

Some conventionally “simple” Saeco coffee machine for 20,000 rubles will brew almost exactly the same taste and quality of espresso as the “fancy combine” Delonghi with an automatic cappuccinator, a touchscreen and built-in memory. Of course, if you use the same source product, roughly speaking, coffee from one pack, and the same degree of grinding of the embedded coffee grinders. The remaining differences are from the crafty one, and more precisely, rather from the difference of varieties and even the consignments of the coffee beans you bought. If you fall asleep the old "Jockey" in the most expensive "robot", nothing good will come of it.

In other words, when buying a coffee machine, as is almost always the case in life, there is a typical choice: “checkers or ride”. For the "checkered" will have to pay, but you arrive, most likely for the same time to a pleasant awakening from the magical aroma and unique taste of your favorite drink.

P. S. On my site you will find descriptions, specifications, instructions, reviews and reviews of all the most popular coffee machines in their classes, from low-cost to "top". Separate material for white-collar workers: “Office coffee machine: how to choose and not regret?”

Also at your service is a constantly updated selection of current promotions and special offers for coffee machines. Often there are unusually "tasty" discounts!

P. P. S. And if you have recently pleased yourself with the purchase of a coffee machine, then articles on proper cleaning as well as maintenance and repair of the coffee machine will definitely be useful to you.

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