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How to make wardrobe

How to make wardrobe

Date: 16.10.2018, 15:22 / View: 92495
Hello, dear visitor!

Are you here to learn how to make a website yourself, fill it with visitors, and maybe earn money at the same time? Then you were in the right place.
How to make a website yourself for free When asked "How to create your website for free?" You can usually hear long arguments about the knowledge of html, javascript, php and other languages ​​and technologies. Is it so? Yes and no. The beauty is that you can create a website for free yourself without even knowing html. It is enough to find a suitable website builder to quickly create and place your website on the Internet.
Website creation from beginning to end

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"Then why is everything else?" - you ask. Yes, because when the euphoria of having your own website goes away, you will want to improve it, make it livelier and more beautiful, allow users to communicate with each other and with you, but what else do you want to do yourself? That's when you need HTML, PHP, MySQL, JQUERY, AJAX technologies.
Is it difficult to make a website?
Not if you are willing to devote time to it. Creating a website, like everything new for us, will require you to want to learn something new, try it out in practice and not stop there. All this takes time. But as a result, in a month - another one you can proudly say: “I have made my website.”
Site CMS
CMS is short for content manager system. Translated into Russian - "content management system." The same is called the "Site Engine". Using CMS, you can manage your site from the control panel. You can add new and edit old pages of the site. Hosting administration installs popular cms to its customers for free. Site management systems are certainly convenient and save a lot of time. But: firstly, work with them should also be studied, secondly, without knowing the same html, you will be able to use only the provided templates and sooner or later you will find on the Internet a site with the same design as yours (or even more than one ), thirdly, you can use only those ready-made modules that the system provides, and if you want something else, you will have to go back to the beginning, i.e. to the study of html, css, php and further down the list. Therefore, CMS is good, but you should not start with them. Although, if you urgently need a website, you can start with some content management system (for example, Joomla). Learning to create a site We need to start with a general idea about the site device, for this it is useful to study a series of lessons. We make the site - the first steps, as well as learn what hosting and domain are. After that, go to the basis of the basics - the language of HTML. Now get to know CSS — cascading style sheets. Knowledge of CSS greatly simplifies the layout of the site and provides much more features than HTML. Then you can get acquainted with the basics of optimization and promotion of the site, as well as ways to make money on your site. And, if you do not have your own site, then it's time to make it and place on the Internet. Javascript makes your pages interactive, i.e. You will be able to carry out a dialogue with the user, as well as make the appearance of your pages more attractive (for example, using various visual effects). PHP is a programming language designed to develop dynamic web pages. This language will allow you not only to carry out a dialogue with the user, but also to memorize them. You know many examples of php scripts: displaying the current time on the site, forums, registration and authorization, etc. In order to use PHP in all its strength, you will need to get acquainted with the databases (it is in them that all the data about users is stored) and the SQL query language (it helps you choose from the database exactly what you need). If you reach this point, you will already know what you need next, and whether you need it. All this is not difficult at all, you can create your own website for free, there would be a desire, and success will surely come. So do not delay, start creating your website today. And all that you need, you will find on the pages of this site.

I wish you success!!!

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