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Marcie Polo is the great, great, great, great, great, great—well, she’s really great—granddaughter of Marco Polo. Like her illustrious ancestor, she knows how to travel. And she knows a good idea when she sees one.

Marcie wanted a high quality women’s travel hat. Asked me to design it. Said the Optimo just didn’t suit her. She wanted a classic Montecristi travel hat she could roll up: lose the crease, lose the dome, keep the black ribbon, something a man wouldn’t wear but not the least bit frilly or fussy.

She asked for something with classic styling, a hat she could wear to the Prime Minister’s garden party. She insisted it also must be ruggedly practical, a hat she could wear on a camel crossing of Tunisia with Sahara temperatures soaring to sauna levels.

She didn’t say if she intended to ride the camel to the garden party. I didn’t ask. With Marcie, just assume the outrageous and you’ll be right more often than not. She’s fun to watch.

For those of you with more normal travel itineraries, you will find the Marcie Polo℠ hat perfect for climbing Maya ruins in the midday sun (but must you?), then again for savoring fresh shrimp at sunset (better). For shopping in souks, for dancing beneath the stars at Stonehenge. Or just hanging out by the pool.

Golf hat? That works.

It goes where you go. It does what you do. And you always look good together. Can a mere hat be better than a husband?

Marcie says Marco would have given me an “attaboy” for this one. An “attaboy” from Marco Polo. That would be very cool.

Since you probably looked at the pictures of the hat before you started reading, I don’t exactly have a Voila! moment here. As you can see, I chose classic simplicity. No creases, no dimples, no dome. 11⁄2-inch black ribbon, bow centered in back, loops tacked down for travel stability, brim 23⁄4 to 3 inches (shade) or 31⁄4 to 31⁄2 inches (more shade), inside sweatband of cotton twill. Everything shaped, sized, and sewn by hand. The brim is artfully distressed. Or not, if you prefer. Choose from: Wobbly, Up, Down In Front, Sort of Flat. The hat pictured has a 3-inch (7.6 cm) brim. Same hat, different brim styles.

Wobbly—Artfully distressed. Un-smoothed. First, I smooth and flatten the brim. Then I steam it and mess with it. No two alike. Confident, coquettish, casual.

Up—Smoothed and curled. Gentle upward curve all the way around. Like a nice big smile. A happy brim. Optimistic with a touch of schoolgirl flirtatiousness.

Down In Front—The front of the brim is turned down. The rest is up. A little more serious, a little more mysterious, a little more imperious. You will define which is which, and which is you.

Sort of Flat—I take out the curl. But it won’t stay flat. It will acquire attitude. Yours. Put it on and stuff happens. If there’s a seatbelt handy, you might want to fasten it first.

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Why one hat costs more than another


(regular brim width) 0, 0, 0, 0, 00, 00

(wide brim width) 5, 0, 0, 0, 50, 00


00, 00, 00



(regular brim width) 2 34 to 3 inches

(wide brim width) 3 14 to 3 12 inches


3 12 to 4 inches

21 18 to 24 14 inches
(53.7 to 61.6 cm)

Standard sweatband for this style is cotton twill.

Standard ribbon for this style is 1 12 inch black.

Marcie Polo
with Wobbly Brim

Marcie Polo
with Up Brim

Marcie Polo
Down in Front Brim

Marcie Polo
Sort of Flat Brim

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