Interieurstijlen 1900 tot 1930's fashion

What was the fashion like back then that affected today's fashion?
Men's Clothing
Formal wear has barely change from then to now.
Swimwear has changed a lot.
The Depression caused clothes to be cheaper.
Hollywood Clothing
Women's went to the movies and followed the actors type of style.
Stores watched Hollywood movies for designs that they could copy.
Adrian Adolph Greenberg
A man named Adrian Adolph Greenberg made simple, but stylish clothing for Hollywood stars.
How Fashion Affected America
Hollywood fashion affected America by changing the style we have today and the different interieurstijlen designs that are created today.
Formal wear
That time period influenced men grooming.
Cary Grant influenced the most
Also Gary Cooper did too
Where them every where
Swim wear
They use to use wool but now we use cotton.
In that time period men stopped wearing shirts at the beach.
They had to use belts to hold them up.
Gym Wear- For sports, women wore around the same type of clothing as we did.
Swim Wear- Swimsuits were shorter then the 1920's but were longer then todays.
Gym/Swim Wear
Women's Fashion
In 1930 Women's fashion was designed to highlight female curves.
Daily Wear- Skirt, blouse and low heels.
Evening Wear- Long gowns and high heels.
envelope style clutch purse
small neat bags
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