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Juicy with cheese recipe step by step

Juicy with cheese recipe step by step

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Cutlets are the favorite delicacy of many people. They are nutritious, juicy and very tasty. However, many people get bored with the monotony of the dishes. Therefore, we suggest you cook cutlets with cottage cheese. It can be very popular. Cutlets with chicken fillet and cottage cheese

It is very tasty, and most importantly, the original dish. Cutlets are more juicy and tender. Served with garnish sauce or salad. To prepare such a unique dish, take 0.5 kg of chicken fillet and very finely chop. Put them in a deep container.

Add to the fillet of two small eggs and chopped herbs. This can be parsley, dill, onions and a small amount of basil. Stir thoroughly, add salt and ground black pepper.

When you have prepared the cottage cheese, rubbed through a sieve, and 1 tsp. starch. Then the cutlets are not loud. Mix again thoroughly. Stuffing on chicken cutlets with cottage cheese is ready.

It remains to form. You need to moisten your hands with water. Then form the cutlets. They can be round, oval or rectangular. It all depends on your imagination.

cutlets with cottage cheese

Fry the frying pan over a slow fire Cutlets with meat and cottage cheese

To cutlets were more juicy and nutritious, you must adhere to proportions. Cut very finely the two onion heads. In the same capacity, add grated garlic (2 tooth).

Meat (0.5 kg), twist through a meat grinder. Add the minded mixture of onions and garlic to mince. In the same capacity, add 150 g of cottage cheese.

cutlets with cottage cheese recipe

Stir thoroughly. To fasten the stuffing, hammer the 2 eggs. Add to the mixture of seasonings such as salt, ground pepper, paprika, oregano.

Now you need to make mincemeat full of oxygen. Knock it out aside for a few minutes. Must get a tight meat ball.

Put the frying pan on the fire. What is the best meat cutlets? Now put it in the frying pan. Roast on both sides of low heat until golden brown. Adding vegetables

In meat cutlets you can add a variety of vegetables. Turns out to be unique. Grated on a large grater for a large zucchini, which must be added to the stuffing.

For juiciness and original taste, grind the tomatoes. They, too, put in the curds and minced meat. Well mix. You can improvise and add your favorite vegetables. For example, the Bulgarian cabbage and others.

chicken cutlets with cottage cheese

2 to 3 eggs. Protein perfectly fastens meat and vegetables. You will get very tasty and original cutlets. They can be served with sweet and sour or spicy sauce. Cutlets with minced fish and cottage cheese

This dish is very different from the previous ones. He even has another flavor. Fish cutlets with cottage cheese are not only juicy and tender. You need pollock or hake. All the bones removed. Disassemble it through a meat grinder.

In a separate container, put 200 g cottage cheese, beat one egg into it. Blend with a blender to obtain a homogeneous mass without lumps. Only then you can add fish minced meat. Bring to taste with spices. This is a salt, a mixture of peppers, paprika, etc. Mix thoroughly, and let the mass infuse.

Now on both sides. The crust must be golden.

meat cutlets with cottage cheese

You can get fish cutlets with cottage cheese, which can be consumed not only hot, but also cold. Cottage cheese and beef patties in the oven

This dish is very useful. For cooking you need 0,5 kg of beef. It needs to be ground through a meat grinder. Cut it will turn out more juicy and fragrant.

Grind such greens as parsley, dill, basil. To add a special piquant cutlets, grate 2-3 g of ginger and 2 cloves of garlic. Kneaded meat set for 15 minutes.

Cottage cheese (200 g) grind to homogeneity, beat one egg into it. Stir thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Now cottage cheese can be poured into minced meat. Stir well, whisk well. Then the cutlets will be kept in shape.

Turn the oven on 200 degrees. While it is heating, the cutlets are formed.

fish cutlets with cottage cheese

For flavor and taste, sprinkle with hard cheese on top. Put the baking tray on for 30 minutes. Secrets of cooking

Cottage cheese is not felt in cutlets, but gives cheese unforgettable taste. To better keep the shape, add semolina or flour. For the flavor, put the garlic. It all depends on your desires and preferences.

If you do not have fish, you can replace canned tuna. Cutlets are even juicier and more original. Onions and garlic are fragrance. They should always be added to minced meat.

If you are taking it, you should. In order to avoid lumps and bins. With a fork, kneading cottage cheese is not worth it.

Dietary cutlets are best cooked in steaming or in the oven. Frying pan. However, in this case, you will not get the desired crust.

In the curd meat you can add a little bread There are an opinion that cutlets are more tender and juicy. Presentation

When serving, the dish must be original, beautiful and refined. Appearance washed appetite. Put the patties on a dish, and pour the sauce around. You can just put a few drops. It all depends on your imagination.

Greens are an ideal option for decoration. The leaves of parsley or basil emphasize the refinement and uniqueness of the dish. You can chop the greenery and just sprinkle the plates in a circle.

You can put the cutlets on the circle of cutlets, between them - any greens. Where there will be garlic or sour cream sauce. Also cutlets can be put on lettuce leaves. On top, red sauce. This is a variety of colors.

The kitchen is a place for imagination and experiments. You can come up with an incredible number of options for presentation of the dish.

Cutlets with cottage cheese recipe with photo

It is important not to overdo it with herbs, sauce or cheese. Think up your family and your food. They will appreciate your culinary skills with pleasure.

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