How to get that Mojito madness

Mojito Madness

Jun 13, 2008

I can't quite remember what I drank in the summer before I discovered mojitos. They are minty cool, refreshing, and their strength is easily altered by the amount of seltzer you add (good for me, the perennial lightweight). Rich's cousin Jen and her husband throw a mojito party every July, and I tell you, it's like the social event of my summer!

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I'm not alone in my love of mojitos. My coworker Cari spent Saturday in search of the perfect recipe. She told me all about it and I was so interested, I asked her to share it with the class. Here's what she has to say:

"This past Saturday, it was so hot. Like 100 degrees hot. Too hot to do much of anything, except...make mojitos! They are my favorite summertime cocktail, and for years, Iíve been buying mojito drink mix (I've always like Rose's Traditional Mojito Mix). While it's definitely good, there's nothing like a fresh mojito. So I bought some limes, fresh mint, some super-fine sugar (although regular white sugar will work just fine), and club soda. Here's the recipe I followed, from a cocktail book I have:

• Squeeze thejuice of one limeinto a glass.
• Toss in about8-10 sprigs of fresh mint.
• Add2 tablespoons of sugar.
• Muddle. (Here's where I screwed up—I over-muddled. But I got excited! The next best thing to drinking a mojito is muddling it! Apparently, you just want tobruisethe mint, not tear it apart, because then little bits of mint are floating in your drink).
• Addice.
• Add1/4 cup of white rum.
• Top withclub soda.
Stir and enjoy! Add a sprig of mint or a wedge of lime for garnish, if you like."

Want to try a Miami Mojito? Check out our video instructions. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy a cool cocktail and a good time with friends.

Video: Mojito Madness

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