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Muffin sour cream recipe with photos step by step

Muffin sour cream recipe with photos step by step

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Prices for extruders are the lowest in Russia at the level of 2017, and cache extruders (available in stock). Delivery to all regions!

For offers on the extrusion line and extruders from 500 kg / hour, please contact us. Below are the models of extruders available to order.

Extruders for feed allow you to produce high-quality nutritious feed for farm animals most suitable for use with modern intensive technologies of animal husbandry. Extrudate is an environmentally friendly feed that has maximum digestibility, which is produced from a variety of grain mixtures. Extrusion is a high-temperature processing (up to 170 degrees) under high pressure (20-30 atmospheres), thus forming a porous product. Under the action of temperature and pressure during the extrusion process, the splitting of carbohydrates to mono- and di-sugars occurs, which provide an increase in digestibility by 2-3 times and improve the performance of feed. Our site presents various types of feed extruders for grain, for soybeans, for cereals. You can buy a mini household feed extruder on our website.

Video on the operation of the feed screw extruder screw 1.2 with a capacity of 20-30 kg per hour. (Available in stock)

Additional photos and video equipment can be viewed at this link.

With the introduction into the diets of farm animals products that have undergone extrusion processing, the following results are obtained:

- Increase of milk yield to fifteen thousand kilograms per year and higher
- Increase in average daily weight gain - up to two kilograms
- Substantial decrease in mortality of young stock
As it was said above, in the process of extrusion of a grain mixture, feed is obtained, which differs from those prepared by traditional methods by the following qualities:

- a high level of digestibility (about 95%), which provides an increase in productivity along with a decrease in the consumption of raw materials, including those of animal origin, which have a high cost,
- extruded products are almost sterile, and their sterility remains even with long storage, which is very important when feeding young farm animals
- extruded products have adsorbing properties, which allows to exclude many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of animals,
- excellent organoleptic characteristics of extruded feed provide high palatability, reducing losses,
- extruded grains have a long shelf life under normal conditions without compromising quality,
- extruded products stimulate the growth of animals, as well as virtually eliminate the development of pathogenic microflora in the digestive system of animals. You can buy extruders for cereal feeds at a low price on our website by placing an order by email or by phone.

Feed that has undergone extrusion processing is considered indispensable for feeding young farm animals in almost all industries - pig breeding, cattle breeding, sheep breeding, horse breeding, poultry farming, rabbit breeding, and others. When the extrudate is included in the diets of young animals, the case of gastrointestinal infections that occur when pathogenic microflora are introduced into the digestive system of animals with poor-quality feed is practically excluded. In practice, it has been proven that the use of extruded cereal mixtures provides a significant increase in productive indicators along with improved product quality, which, in turn, can significantly improve the profitability of livestock production.

Equipment for the production of extruded products (grain soybean extruders) of our company is of high quality, reliable and durable, and also has the following advantages:

- low electricity consumption along with high productivity, thanks to the use of modern technologies in the manufacture of feed extruders
- durability and ease of use,
- the highest wear resistance of the main parts of extruders, ensured by using only the most modern and high-quality materials,
- small dimensions of the plant for extruding feed,
- the possibility of extruding various mixtures of grain and other raw materials (straw, hay, bran, fish and meat and bone meal, lime, etc.),
- a wide choice of installations for the extrusion of our production, having various characteristics,
- low cost of our installations.

Buy extruders for grain, for feed at a low price on our website by placing an order by e-mail or by phone.

Nowadays it is quite profitable to produce granulated and extruded feed mixtures. When using extruded and granulated mixtures in the feeding of farm animals, the benefit is increased, due to the reduction in the own cost of feed. A rational and profitable solution for an agricultural producer is the production of such products for their own needs and the sale of residues.
High demands on the quality of agricultural products, namely livestock products, lead to an increase in demand for high-quality feed. Extruded and granulated products are indispensable in the poultry, pig and cattle breeding (especially when feeding young animals). Such feed is easier to transport and store, along with their high nutritional qualities and digestibility. In the process of granulation and extrusion, the entire pathogenic microflora inhabiting the raw material is destroyed and the toxins are neutralized.
Extruded feed allows you to increase the yield in all sectors of animal husbandry. When an extrudate is introduced into the diets of animals in dairy cattle breeding, milk yield increases by ten to forty percent, in poultry farming, the egg production of poultry increases by twenty to twenty five percent, in meat cattle breeding and pig breeding, weight gain increases by fifteen to thirty percent. Along with these advantages, there is a reduction in feed intake by eight to twelve percent and the death of animals from diseases of the digestive system is virtually eliminated. When using additives such as husks, straw and other crop waste during the extrusion process, the cost of the resulting product is significantly reduced.
Many countries in which agriculture is developed have been using grain extruders for a long time to produce a high-quality, highly nutritious and easily digestible product for farm animals. The extrusion process almost doubles the nutritional value of the feed. Consequently, the use of these facilities can significantly increase the productivity of animals and, consequently, increase the profitability of the enterprise.
Processing the grain mixture in a grain extruder is a process of short-term intensive mechanical and barometric processing (pressure of about fifty atmospheres) at a high temperature (from one hundred ten degrees to one hundred sixty). As a result of such an impact on the grain mass, a structural-mechanical and chemical change in the composition of the raw mass occurs. Complex sugars break down into simple ones that are easily and quickly absorbed in the digestive system of farm animals almost completely. The extrusion process lasts a small amount of time, which allows, along with the destruction of pathogenic microflora, to preserve almost all useful components, such as vitamins and amino acids. It is important to note that for the extrusion of suitable grain mixture, which has a high humidity, and even clogged seeds of weeds. Processing the stale grain mixture also allows you to get a high-quality product with excellent performance.
Everyone knows that straw is not recommended to be used as feed, without having previously processed, as it is poorly eaten and digested. But if the inclusion in the rations of a dairy herd of extruded product consisting of thirty percent of extruded straw and seventy percent of extruded rye, the following results can be achieved:
- increase profit by increasing productivity,
- balance animal diets with sugars,
- reduce the number of grain mixtures in the rations or completely replace them with a mixture of extruded rye and straw, which is economically important for agricultural enterprises that grow mainly rye,
- exclude the death of young and adult animals from diseases of the digestive system,
- to significantly increase the palatability of feed, as well as to reduce the loss during distribution,
- exclude the presence of harmful substances. You can buy a feed extruder for grain, feed extruder on our website.

List of extruder models for feed, extrusion grains and various mixtures:

KESH - 1,2 20-30 EKZ 40 EKZ 75 EKZ 95 EKZ 130 from PTO EKZ 150 EKZ 170 EKZ 200 EKZ 350 EKZ 500 EK 40 U EK 50 EK EK 100 KE 55 KE 75 KE 110 KE 150 KE KE 190 KE 320 Kormoekstruder with petrol engine

Additional photos and video equipment can be viewed in the gallery at this link.

How to contact us or order a call back, see contacts.

Grain extruders can be used for the production of high-value feed, using a variety of raw materials - wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, peas, soybean, vegetable fines, biological and grain waste. You can also use stale and substandard grain, sawdust, straw, etc.
Proper preparation of recipes for mixtures for extrusion allows for the production of fortified mixed feed. For example, it is possible to include needles in a grain mixture intended for processing in a grain extruder, thus obtaining high-quality fortified feed, almost indispensable in cattle breeding and pig breeding.

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The grain extruder at home at an affordable price can be bought in Minsk, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in Ukraine, the site has a video of the work of an extruder for grain. You can make a feed extruder for grain and wheat with your own hands, there are videos and drawings in the network. It is inexpensive to buy a household extruder in Stavropol, in Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, in Belgorod, in Voronezh, in Pyatigorsk. There are videos, drawings and useful recommendations for making a feed extruder for self-fed fodder from a meat grinder. The price of the extruder for feed on Avito, in Belgorod, in Voronezh, in Krasnodar, in Pyatigorsk, in Stavropol will be different, depending on the services of transport companies. Recall, auger, kW, Jasko, unit, granulator, help, press, processing, mm, shop, new, cooking, manufacturer, design.

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