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For those of us who are children of the ’90s and early 2000s, we remember a time before playing games on phones or getting in trouble for too many in-app purchases. When it came to games, it was all about sticking in that CD-ROM into our ancient computers and going ham.

From the ultra “girly” Barbie games to day wasting games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, we did it all and begged our parents for more after playing a new game at our friend’s house. There are so many computer games that we remember but can not, for the life of us, recall the names of. But here are 11 that we definitely managed to remember.

Math Blasters

The ultimate game for math haters and lovers alike. I wasn't the best at math, but this game genuinely made even my most dreaded subject super fun. Seriously, I kicked math's figurative ass in this game. Source: Reddit

Barbie Fashion Designer

I was all about this game. Seriously, it wasn't even that exciting but I guess there is something that we can't help but love about artificially designing outfits. I think what really set this apart from other fashion CD-ROM games was that you could print out the clothes on this special felt-like paper. Of course, this was more trouble than it was worth so I'm sure most of us just settled with spending hours filling in skirts with ugly patterns. Source: Mobygames.com

Oregon Trail

This game taught me one thing and one thing only: Never get dysentery. Source: GenXtinct.com

Chip's Challenge

This maze game actually drove me up the wall...which is why I couldn't stop playing. I'm pretty sure this game had no final level. It just got more and more ridiculous and impossible. If any of you have ever finished the game, let me know. My 11-year-old self would be totally jealous. Source: bunnzy.org

Fisher Price Dream Dollhouse

If I remember correctly, there really wasn't much to do in this game but play game with random toys in various rooms. In fact, I'm sure that I wished that it was more exciting at the time. Alas, that didn't stop me from becoming addicted to this stupid game. Source: eBay.com

Kid Pix

This game made all of us think that we were Claude Monet. Also, it had fun sound effects. Bright colors, funny noises...I'm pretty sure that that's all a third grader needs. Source: Wiki

Putt Putt and Freddi Fish

These little guys were so cute, right? And you got to go on little adventures with them and learn important life lessons along the way. Is it just me or were computer games a lot more educational and moralistic back in the day? Source: Amazon.com

Ski Free

All I really remember about this game was that a giant monster would always end up eating the little skiing man and it would traumatize me for the rest of the day. The end. Source: Ski.ihoc.net

Roller Coaster Tycoon

We all played this game, right? So that means that we all had to deal with annoying, complaining park goers, right? So that means that all of you did the same thing I did when they got too annoying and thew them into a body of water so they would stop bothering you, right? Um, please tell me that wasn't just me. Source: rctgo.com

Rockett's Adventures

It took me forever to figure out the name of these games, but now that I have I'm just full of so many feelings. These choose your own adventure games starred a teenage girl named Rockett who had to deal with everything from going to a new school, soccer practice, to mean girls. A game that was super female focused with a feminist slant was so rare at the time and is still rare to this day. Source: GameFAQs.net

The Carmen San Diego Games

My girl, Carmen! Whether it was trying to catch her stealing stuff through time or finding her chillin' in some random location, these games were fun and super informative. I mean, I kept a little notebook full of notes and clues like I was a real detective! I learned so much about history and geography from trying to capture this chick who was--let's be real--too fly to ever be caught properly. Source: Amazon.com


Okay, we’re missing a ton of our favorite childhood games so help us out. Which did we forget? Which do you still play now? Tell us in the comments!


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