Presenter tv meninggal tragis di depan ribuan penonton fashion

Here we recap and discuss episode 7 of Fashion King.  Caution, spoilers below.  Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Ga Young is obviously surprised to see Jang Hyuk and scrambles to cover for why she’s grabbing materials herself instead of asking for them.  Jae Hyuk is equally surprised that she’s there, and suspects something’s up but accepts her explanation for the time being.  However, as he’s driving back home, he happens to see Ga Young sitting at a bus stop with an unusually full bag at her side.

Now that she’s caught red-handed, she tells him that she’s taking some materials back to the factory to work on it there.  Shady, but I guess it’s still technically a legitimate excuse.  As he drives her back to the factory, Jae Hyuk also returns the money pouch that Ga Young forgot in his car earlier.  She checks to see the money is still there and is oddly happy about it.  Like rich boy would bother with a couple dollars.

Meanwhile, at the factory, Young Gul offers Anna a drink, who is clearly disappointed with his “headquarters”.  Anna asks him if he’s called Michael yet, but Young Gul says he’s been busy.  She then notices Ga Young’s cot and asks if the two of them stay at the factory together.  Young Gul starts explaining the situation and notices that Anna’s face as changed.  She thinks that the two of them are out to get her, despite only being people who make knockoffs.   Anna then tells Young Gul that she’ll pay Ga Young’s contract fee, but he has to keep her out of Anna’s life.  She’s about to storm off, but Young Gul grabs her and thinks she’s acting like this because she’s afraid that Jae Hyuk likes Ga Young.  He then pulls her in and kisses her, saying that she’s actually here because she misses him.  Right…anyone else think that that seriously came out of nowhere?  Anna slaps him, of course, and says she must’ve been crazy to expect any kind of decency out of him and shoves past him.

As she walks out though, she runs into Jae Hyuk and Ga Young getting out of the car.  Misunderstandings are flying all over the place, but Jae Hyuk looks the most hurt.  After Ga Young and Young Gul go back into the factory, Jae Hyuk demands to know why Anna is here.  She tries to brush him off at first but then admits that she’s here because she wants Ga Young gone.  Jae Hyuk still doesn’t understand what Anna’s feeling, but allows her to go back to her car without causing any more of a scene.  Jae Hyuk, though, probably thinks it’s just a cover for whatever relationship she might have with Young Gul.

Inside the factory, Ga Young angrily applies some lotions to her face to get ready for bed.  Young Gul comes out for a drink and asks her what’s in the bag she brought back.  Ga Young tells him that it’s the materials he wanted before and just scoffs at him when Young Gul says he was just kidding about that.   Young Gul then asks her why she keeps riding around in Jae Hyuk’s car, but if she does have to do it, make sure he doesn’t see it.  Ga Young is at a loss for words and seems like she’s about to cry.

Young Gul retreats back into his room and smiles thinking of the rage that was on Jae Hyuk’s face when he saw him and Anna together.  Ga Young then comes in and interrupts his musing by saying that if he doesn’t want the materials, she’ll take them back tomorrow.  Back at Anna’s apartment complex, we see her running on a machine and thinking back to her conversation with Young Gul.


The next day, Jae Hyuk is doing yoga with his dad, who asks him how the project is going.  Jae Hyuk responds that he’s working hard, but dear old dad shoots back with the people he hates most are people who work hard but have no talent.  Dad then launches into a commentary about how less capable people get envious of the more talented and that turns them into menaces to society.  I guess that counts as a pep-talk of sorts.

As Jae Hyuk walks back to his office, he walks by Anna’s and decides to stop by and interrupt her meeting.  He tries to get answers about last night, but Anna’s still just as tight-lipped.  Anna asks him if he’s jealous, but Jae Hyuk smugly just says that he’s concerned about how other people might interpret his woman’s actions.  Uh huh, yeah that’s it.  He then says they should get lunch together and walks out.

Meanwhile, Ga Young is trying to use her badge to get in, but not having any luck.  One of the workers comes out to check on her but don’t believe her when Ga Young says she works here.  The head designer shows up at this point and asks her who she reports to.  Ga Young is unsure what to say, but eventually says that she works for Jae Hyuk.  Dun Dun dun…

Sure enough, we’re now in Jae Hyuk’s office and the head designer is asking Jae Hyuk why he’s making samples that he doesn’t know about.   Jae Hyuk doesn’t flinch and asks him who he thinks will last longer in the company, him or his father.  The head designer just laughs at the threat and says he’ll resign the same day that Jae Hyuk’s father does.

After he leaves, Jae Hyuk turns to Ga Young and reprimands her, saying she just needs to do what he says.  When he asks for a status report, Ga Young says it’ll take another 10 days to finish her designs.  That’s not quick enough, and Jae Hyuk says he’ll give her more staff so she can finish the project within a week.  On her way out, Ga Young spills her belongings on the floor and starts to pick them up when Jae Hyuk asks her if she’s developed feelings for Young Gul, who “made her this way”.  Ga Young takes offense to the statement and asks him to clarify.  Jae Hyuk says how it’s not easy to get a full scholarship from New York Fashion School and because of Young Gul, she had to give it up and is wasting her talents with him.  Ga Young asks Jae Hyuk if he’s ever starved or not had a warm place to stay.  Of course, Jae Hyuk has no idea what that feeling is.  She tells him of how warm she felt the first night she stayed at his factory and of how they have nobody to lean on but each other.  As she’s telling her story, Jae Hyuk at least has the decency to look sorry and can’t say anything as she leaves to go to work.

When she gets to her workspace, Anna and the other designers are already there.  Anna comments she must be busy since she’s visiting Jae Hyuk so much.  Ga Young says she’s just trying to make him happy like Anna said.  Anna doesn’t take kindly to the statement and says she should just concentrate on sewing and leave the rest to her.

Young Gul is now meeting with Tae San, who’s asking him for a status report.  Tae San then shares a saying: “people curse those who have 10 times more money than them, fear those that have 100 times more money than them, work for those that have 1000 times more money than them, and becomes slaves to those that have 100,000 times more money than they do.”  Not an entirely inaccurate statement about human nature, if I might add.  If Young Gul wants to achieve his goal and be 100,000 times richer than people like Jae Hyuk is, he has to act like them.  He has to act like royalty and start bossing people around like slaves and let them do the dirty work so that his own conscience is clean.  He then asks Young Gul how much he needs to invest, causing Young Gul to smile.  We then cut to Young Gul in his factory telling his friend to order the fabric now that he has the money.

Back at J Fashion, the entire design team is going out for lunch, except for Ga Young who brought her own food.  The phone starts ringing and since there’s nobody else around she goes to pick it up.  We then cut to Jae Hyuk’s assistant telling Anna that he’s out for lunch with Ga Young.  Anna is, shall we say, displeased by this and asks where the restaurant is.

In the restaurant, the two are awkwardly eating when Jae Hyuk decides to break the silence and pulls out an envelope.  He explains that this brand is a sub-contractor for J Fashion and that they hire people based on ability and not education.  Ga Young doesn’t want to take the offer and stays loyal to Young Young Apparel.  Jae Hyuk loses his temper and says she should try to listen to him when he’s trying to help her.  Why can she throw away her pride when it comes to asking him for help, but not accept something that he’s giving her because he wants to?  He then downs his glass and walks off.  Meanwhile, Anna is at a nearby table listening in.

Back at the office, Jae Hyuk is listening to a presentation for the brand that he offered to Ga Young.  Anna joins the meeting late and gives Jae Hyuk a look that he does not return.  Ga Young is back at her workspace and recalls the night that of Madam Jo’s party and realizes that the person she met back then was Jae Hyuk.  She then thinks back to all their conversations and suddenly it makes more sense to her why he seems to know where she lives and some of her background.

While that whole office drama is going on, Young Gul is in his factory taking pictures of all the designs that he’s made.  Ga Young comes back and is surprised to see all her designs already made and asks if Young Gul should be doing this since she’s supposed to be making them for J-Fashion.  Young Gul doesn’t care and says they shouldn’t be the one to make all the money since it was actually Ga Young’s designs in the first place.  Ga Young takes offense and says if he was going to do this all along, then they shouldn’t have gotten Jae Hyuk to lend them money to get the factory back. Young Gul gets mad that she’s taking Jae Hyuk’s side and tells her to put on one of the designs so he can take a picture.  Ga Young refuses and so Young Gul calls his friend to have him send over a model.    After he goes back into his office, Ga Young is once again at a loss for words and just stands there in shock.

Back at J Fashion, it’s time for Anna’s presentation of her new line and all of higher-ups of the company are there.  Madam Jo I guess was also invited and makes an appearance.  Jae Hyuk’s father seems impressed by the designs, but Madam Jo is surprised to see the jacket that Ga Young made on display as well.  She’s definitely using this to drive a wedge between Anna and Jae Hyuk later with his mom.  As Jae Hyuk watches Anna smile at the designs, his happiness suddenly becomes worry for some reason that escapes me at this juncture.  Meanwhile, at Young Gul’s factory, he’s also having a fashion show of sorts with Ga Young’s designs.  She still disapproves and looks at him, and Young Gul at least does seem to feel a little bad about betraying her like this.

We cut back to J Fashion where the head designer is complimenting Anna on the designs, asking why she hadn’t show him this talent before.  He sarcastically compliments her on being able to change her style almost overnight and cackles maniacally as he leaves.  Okay…  Jae Hyuk then comes in and tells Anna that his dad wants to have dinner with her today.

Oh this will be a fun dinner I’m sure.  Jae Hyuk’s mom is clearly not happy that Anna’s there and Anna doesn’t look too pleased herself.  Jae Hyuk and his dad talk shop over the dinner table and his dad in particular is taking care to make sure Anna is comfortable.  Madam Jo’s little hate seed finally sprouts and Jae Hyuk’s mom asks him what his relationship with Ga Young is.  Both he and Anna are surprised that she even knows that name, and Jae Hyuk is quick to deny that whatever she’s heard isn’t the case.  More awkward smiles are shared around the table then as the dinner continues.

At Young Gul’s factory, Ga Young is lying in bed but can’t sleep.  Young Gul, on the other hand, is fielding orders for her designs, when he gets a call from Anna.  He walks out of his office and caringly tells her that he’s going out and to make sure to lock the doors.  After he leaves, Ga Young starts crying, still hurt by his betrayal.  She pulls out a bottle of soju and starts chugging it as tears flow down her cheek.  She gets a call from Jae Hyuk, but feels so guilty she pulls out her phone battery and doesn’t answer.  Jae Hyuk has already gotten a head start on her in the drinking department and we see him wasted by himself at a bar.

Meanwhile, Young Gul meets Anna in another bar, and she immediately asks him about Ga Young.  She tells him that everyone liked Ga Young’s designs, but that everyone in the office thinks that Anna did it.  Anna thinks that if this continues, Jae Hyuk will keep calling for Ga Young and that she’ll be cast aside.  She then proposes that if Ga Young wants to work with Jae Hyuk, maybe she and Young Gul should work together.  Young Gul takes a shot of tequila and asks her why it has to be this way.  Anna presses the issue, asking if he wanted to go against Jae Hyuk and if he’s going to keep selling out Ga Young like this.  I would use a different term personally, presenter tv meninggal tragis di depan ribuan penonton fashion but I guess we need to keep this PG rated.  Since he seems unwilling to budge, Anna says they have no more reason to see each other and walks away.  Young Gul stops her once again and asks why they can’t just meet without mentioning Jae Hyuk.  Anna tells him not to disillusion himself and that her ultimate goal is to get Jae Hyuk.

Meanwhile, a very drunk Jae Hyuk has his assistant drive him to Young Gul’s factory.  He loudly bangs on the door and calls out for Ga Young.  She wakes up from the noise, and quickly goes to cover all the designs.  Seems she didn’t listen to Young Gul’s advice and Jae Hyuk open the unlocked door and stumbles inside.  Jae Hyuk drunkenly stumbles to her cot and lays down, asking if this is what she was talking about before.  He then mentions that his father liked her designs and apologizes before passing out.  Ga Young carefully goes up to him and tells him that he can’t sleep here and to go to his own home to sleep.  Jae Hyuk then reaches up and pulls her head down for kiss.  She tries to get away and pushes Ga Young down on the bed.  Young Gul walks in at this point and pulls him off her and starts kicking him.  Jae Hyuk’s assistant comes in at this point and restrains Young Gul while Ga Young goes to his side and helps him to his car.  Young Gul thinks that Ga Young is once again taking his side and this only enrages him further.

Now safely in his car, Jae Hyuk rolls down the window and holds out his hand to Ga Young.  She doesn’t know what to do but eventually does take it.  With tears in her eyes, she then slowly goes back into the factory and sees Young Gul sulking in his office.  He notices that she came back and immediately turns out the lights.  She doesn’t know what to do and once again just stands there tearing up.

The next day, Jae Hyuk sees all the bruises on his face and calls to say he can’t come in today.  However, he’s told something on the other end and get shocked.  Gee, I wonder what could have happened.  Sure enough, Jae Hyuk shows up in Dongdaemun and Ga Young’s designs are all over the place.  Dear old dad is gonna love this, I’m sure.  He then tells his assistant to get Young Gul in his office ASAP.

Back at the factory, Young Gul steps out of his office in a suit, and is immediately complimented by his workers.  Minus Ga Young, of course.  He tells them that they no longer have to worry about their pay and will even be getting bonuses now.  He then heads to J Fashion where he happens to meet Anna in the elevator.  As soon as the doors close, Young Gul pins Anna against the wall saying that in this position, it’ll look like they’re kissing in the CCTV cameras.  Anna calls him crazy and tries to fight him off.  The door open to the floor that Anna wanted to get off on and a shocked head designer is just standing there.  Guess they’re not going up as he and the other workers just stand there and let the door close.

When Young Gul gets to Jae Hyuk’s office he plops himself down in the chair and asks Jae Hyuk why he called him when he’s so busy.  Jae Hyuk then threatens to sue him for copyright infringement, but Young Gul isn’t worried.  He’s made friends in jail with all the guards so being in jail again won’t be a big deal as long as Jae Hyuk suffers.  Jae Hyuk laughs at him saying his legal team will bury him easily in court, but then Young Gul counters by saying that he already registered the designs.  Jae Hyuk’s eyes widen in fury and he grabs Young Gul by the collar and makes as if to punch him.  Young Gul doesn’t flinch and says he knows that even though he registered the designs, Jae Hyuk’s right and his lawyers will win in the end.  However, it won’t be before Jae Hyuk and Anna, who’s claiming the designs as her own, get humiliated.  Jae Hyuk knows he’s lost and asks Young Gul what he wants.  Young Gul then slaps down an envelope written by his own “legal team” and offers Jae Hyuk a choice: spend million burying him in court or investing million in him and making million.  Well played sir, well played.

Final Thoughts

Even though I knew what Young Gul was doing, man was it painful to watch.  This entire episode lacked any real flow and felt really disjointed.  Let’s start with Young Gul.  Okay fine, Tae San told him to throw away his own sense of morality and fight dirty with Jae Hyuk, I get it.  That still doesn’t explain why he forced himself on Anna early in the episode before he met with Tae San.  Also, in that same scene, how does he go from saying “oh no you won’t get tossed aside, you’re so great Anna” to being a jackass and forcing a kiss on her by saying that she wanted it all along.  So, so awkward.  And what’s with that offer at the end of the episode?  What happened to getting revenge on Jae Hyuk?  Obviously it’s not going to be as simple as we think it is, but still that offer made no sense to me.

I hope Shin Se Kyung was using eye drops in this episode because I felt like she was sad or on the verge of tears if not crying for all her scenes.  She’s hurt by Young Gul’s betrayal, but he is still her savior in way so she’s sticking by him, no matter how much of a jerk he’s become.  Her character is so inconstant when it comes to sticking up for what she believes in that I don’t know what her actual personality is supposed to be anymore.

I don’t even want to get started on the mess that is Jae Hyuk and Anna.  I know Jae Hyuk is supposed to still love her, but I don’t see it.  He alternates between honestly caring about her wellbeing and then doing things that he has to know will just piss her off.  Anna says her ultimate goal is Jae Hyuk and at least in that regard it makes sense as to why she sees Ga Young as a threat.  However, there’s no build up to it.  It’s like in the last two episodes the writers realized that oh yeah, we need to set up Ga Young as Anna’s rival and so did it as quickly as they could.

Honestly, like I said before, I think the biggest issue I have with this drama is that I see no chemistry within the main cast.  Each actor/actress is fine portraying their specific characters to a certain extent, but when it comes to trying to show their connections to each other, I just don’t see it.  Perhaps it’s because they’re all young and early in their careers.  Out of the four, Shin Se Kyung has the most impressive acting resume and I think she’s doing a decent job.  Yuri’s doing a decent job for her first time, but there is no spark at all between her and Lee Je Hoon.  Seeing him in this drama, I’m glad he turned down Lee Seung Gi’s role in King 2 Hearts because I think Seung Gi is better suited for that role.  Yoo Ah In I actually did like his portrayal and Kang Young Gul up until this episode where everything just blew up.  Hopefully this is just a small bump in the road and not indicative of things to come.

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