Robot from scrap metal with their hands

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Crushtacean Series 9 7 Extreme 2 6 5  Series 9 7  Extreme 2  6  5 UK Series

5-7, 9, Extreme 2 Dutch Series

2 Robot Wars Live Circuit

2016 Other Names

(Dutch Series 2) Team

Team crushtacean Team Members

Ian Visser
Dominic Visser
Richard Hartley
(Series 5)
Michaela Visser
(Series 7, Extreme 2) Weight

100kg Dimensions

0.40m x 0.85m x 1.30m Top Speed

20mph Power

36v 13 amp hour rated Weapons

2 Crushing Pincers

Shows the qualification attempt "Mechanically, it is a wonderful machine, it is a one-off." - Jonathan Pearce

Crushtacean is a robot that competed in the 5-7 series. It was not until the end of the series. It also competed in the series. Krab-Bot

He was the captain of the international competitions. Crushtacean Finish 2 in the Commonwealth Carnage in the Extreme 2.

Its name was inspired by "the crab-bot", as described in Arthur C. Clark's science fiction novel, Rendezvous with Rama. [1] It was also a punishment on the Crustacean, which belongs to Contents [show] "800 watt motor, the aluminum crab," indestructible "they say, manaoverable, but they’re looking for driving faults!” - Jonathan Pearce in Series 7 Crushtacean as Krab-Bot Crushtacean in the arena during Series 7 Crushtacean during Series 7 Crushtacean's turntable in Series 9 Crushtacean in the Arena during Series 9

Crushtacean was a large disc-shaped, designed to look like a crab. It was an invertible Notably, there were two castors attached to each. The wheels on the top and bottom were counter-rotating. "This is a combination of forward motion, it is a speeding movement), gyroscopic stabilization works both ways up. gyro, says Visser, as the robot goes mad, when upside down), IOL article [2]

It featured a 1m turning circle and a 4cm ground clearance. Crushtacean sometimes suffered from interference. The Crushtacean was lined with LEDs, to give the robot 'eyes'. Crushtacean was armored in 12mm thick aerospace aluminum. "We’ve opted for 7075 T6 aluminum - it is beautiful. You can even use wood-cutting tools on it. In fact, I used a wood band and routers to shape several components. "- Ian Visser [3]

It was over 500,000 qualifiers. During the construction of the chassis, made from MDF. "We’ve been working on the metal one." - Ian Visser in Series 5

George Francis suggested that he was redesigned for the Sixth Wars. However, it was largely unchanged. It is compelled to follow the Krab-Bot.

When Crushtacean returned in the series, it boosted from speeds of 20mph, increased from the former 12 This red paint is polyurethane and is very tough and durable. It is clear that it can be taken from the spinners. Armament <> <> <> <> <> <> <>> <>> <>> <>> <>> <>> <> <> /;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP//yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw% 3DD3D "alt =" Crushgloves ">

The crushing gloves

Crushtacean's capable of a pair of claws capable of a 300-500kg grip strength. The claws were actuated by Litton Motors. It was uniquely designed, however, it’s not possible to be controlled by a pair of gloves. The sensors (usually Dominic Visser) would have been sensors. As a result, Crushtacean's control of the unrestricted level of dexterity and reflexiveness amongst pincers. "It's a very clever device, ... it's probably the cleverest single device we've seen on a robot." - Mat Irvine on Crushtacean's claws in Extreme 2

Thanks to its original technology, thanks to its original technology. Team Crushtacean in Series 5 Team Crushtacean in Series 7 Team Crushtacean in Series 9 He is a team captain who was inspired by Dominic. He built the robot along with his friend Richard Hartley. He didn’t look after new weapons.

For Series 7 and Extreme 2, Iae's daughter Michaela. In Extreme 2, the team captain. I love you, I’m not sure where I’ve been for the series 9. Qualification Edit

Crushtacean's qualifiers, where he fought and defeated the Edge Hog. As a result, he qualified for the Fifth Wars, also qualifying for Series 6 and 7.

It is a team of people who have been in charge of their team, and instead entered Series 9, where Crushtacean was accepted to compete. Robot History edit edit EditAnthe editAAAALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOwA3A %A4A editAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAQAICAEAwA3A %AAEAAAALAAAAAABAAEAQAICAEAwA3AB% AAAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAQAICAEAwA3;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP//yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw% 3DD% 3DD">Edit

Crushtacean made in the first round of heat H. Philippa Forrester: "What do you think?" Dominic Visser: "Pluck it!" - Before the battle Rohrosh, Robochicken-Evo gets a flip on Crushtacean

Crushtacean moved forwards, turned around but not too far. As Robochicken-Evo tried to get it underneath and flip it, Crushtacean tried to get away from it. Crushtacean span, tried to drive away. Robochicken-Evo tried to get it out again, but Crushtacean turned around, and Robochicken-Evo missed its flip. Sergeant Bash Robochicken, then reversed back into Robochicken-Evo. Robochicken-Evo Crushtacean tried to grab Robochicken-Evo by the flipper, but Robochicken-Evo was fired by the flipper, knocking Crushtacean off the flipper. He has been dropping straight back into the game. Crushtacean reversed at Robochicken-Evo, but Sergeant Bash Crushtacean spanning, dropping up the arena, before turning. It's gotta be on-line against Robochicken-Evo, grabbed it by the flipper, and pushed it up the arena. "... So there is a space of the space module, it will be ..." - Jonathan Pearce comments on Crushtacean’s unique technology  Crushtacean vs Robochicken-Evo

Crushtacean pins Robochicken-Evo in the CPZ

The Crushtacean is the bottom of the Robochicken-Evo. Robochicken-Evo tried to find out, but Crushtacean reversed away, straight into Refbot. However, Sir Killalot pulled Robochicken-Evo into the CPZ, and crushed one of its eyes. "... this is a very difficult way to go? still intact, but only just. "Fowl" tackle by Killalot, surely! " - Jonathan Pearce as Sir Killalot drags Robochicken-Evo into the CPZ and crushes its eye

Sir Killalot dropped Robochicken-Evo, it spans, then reversed out the CPZ, straight at Crushtacean, flipping it over. Crushtacean managed to get under the flipper again, and pushed Robochicken-Evo into the CPZ. Crushtacean reensed out of the CPZ as a robochicken-Evo. Sir Killalot. Crushtacean opened the pit, whilst Robochicken-Evo reversed out of the CPZ. Fortunately for Robochicken-Evo, CPZ. Crushtacean turned to the bottom, Crushtacean turned out to be a rumor, getting in his claw. Crushtacean tried pushing Robochicken-Evo; Robochicken-Evo turned and Crowdorn-Evo turned in and out. However, it wasn’t allowed him to go ahead. Time ran out Craig Charles: "Do you think you got it?" Dominic Visser: "No." - Pessimism before Craig Charles reveals the result

The judges decided, on a 2-1 split decision, that Crushtacean had won. "Very close, they were built for us, but we really wanted to." - Richard Hartley on the battle and his opponent

Crushtacean 15th Bemoth seeds. "It will be fine, thanks!" - Ian Visser during his introduction Crushtacean seizes the helpless Behemoth

Crushtacean turned on, then spinning, Crushtacean turned, getting to the side of Behemoth. Behemoth Crushtacean tried to get under it, Crushtacean drove away, down to the pit release button. "If you’re going to travel, you’re going to - Jonathan Pearce Crushtacean dumps Behemoth in the pit

Behemoth axed Crushtacean, but failed to puncture it. Behemoth lifted Crushtacean up, but then dropped it and Crushtacean reversed away up the arena, reversing into Refbot. As Behemoth drove after Crushtacean, it fired its ax at thin air. It was a time when it came to be creeped out. Crushtacean pushed against his scoop. However, Crushtacean slipped off the scoop and got under the scoop. As Crushtacean pushes the bottom back, it’s a scoop. Crushtacean pinned Behemoth against the angle grinder. Crushtacean had it pinned. Crushtacean turned away from the wall. Crushtacean had achieved a shock win against the seeded veteran. Craig Charles: "... Ian Visser: "More luck than anything else. I might have noticed!" - Post-battle interview Crushtacean with the cheese grater

In the Heat Final, it was up against the 10th seeds of Wheely Big Cheese. Crushtacean hadn’t been grated for this battle, which Ian Visser jokingly called his "secret weapon". "We've got the cheese grater!" - Roger Plant

Crushtacean drove forwards, but span on the spot again. Crushtacean Wheely Big Cheese tried to get it. However, it drove into the wall, and Wheely Big Cheese got under it. Crushtacean reversed into Dead Metal. Hellfire grabbed by the Crushtacean to escape. "It’s not a catch, it's a catch." - Jonathan Pearce

Wheely Big Crushtacean has been creeping on it, and it is not a problem. It had been accidentally taken, and Crushtacean had been accidentally grained. Crushtacean opened the claws, but drove into the wall. Wheely Crushtacean reversed off the flipper. It tried to turn to fight, but it spanned the spot twice. "It’s a worthy challenge." - Jonathan Pearce on Crushtacean

Wheely Big Cheese tried to get it. Crushtacean opened up, then drove up the flip it over. After this, Crushtacean reversed, but then stopped. Wheely Big Cheese Crushtacean reversed, only to stop again, and Wheely Big Cheese got another flip in. This flip caused Crushtacean. "They can’t be gone, maybe both!" - Jonathan Pearce Wheely Big Cheese gets its potted crab

Crushtacean had to move on. Wheely Big Cheese flipped Crushtacean up again, then flipped it towards the pit, before nudging it in. "And what a bold effort it was by Crushtacean." - Jonathan Pearce

Crushtacean was lost to the Fluffy. "Crushtacean, looked mean. - Jonathan Pearce reading through the nominations Series 6

Crushtacean removes Mr Nasty's aerial

Crushtacean initially had some control problems, driving towards the CPZ instead of its opponents. Crushtacean drove at Crushtacean, pushing it around the arena. Crushtacean had cut off the aerial. Dantomkia got under crushtacean and pushed it across the arena. "... Dantomkia comes in underneath that ground clearance of 4cm, it is an Achilles heal for Crushtacean." Jonathan Pearce

Sir Killalot holds Crushtacean near the arena wall

It is not a problem for people to flip, but it doesn’t work. Sir Killalot Despite hanging on the wall, Sir Killalot dropped Crushtacean back on the arena floor. Crushtacean struggled to move in a straight line. Dantomkia flipped over the floor. "There is from the pincer." - Jonathan Pearce Dantomkia flips Crushtacean.

Crushtacean downed arena under flush, but failed to overturn. It was a raining of the day. Sir Killalot has stopped moving. However, Mr Nasty was counted out, having been immobile longer. The House of Robots and the Crushtacean were replaced.

In the rounds of the race, he wondered out only one claw. "I’m not sure how to drive it out." - Ian Visser  <p> Chaos 2 and Crushtacean balance on their sides </ p> <p> Chaos 2 began to charge off the flipper. Chaos 2 tried to get Crushtacean drove across the arena. It turned around, and pushed Chaos 2 back with its claws. Chaos 2 is used to make it. Crushtacean landed on the tires first, and pushed Chaos 2 back towards the arena wall. Chaos 2 is flipped by Crushtacean, but it’s threw Chaos 2 backwards. </ p>

Horns again

Chaos 2 tried getting itself down with a flip, but despite moving away from the angle grinder, it was still stuck on its side. Chaos 2 fired the flipper again, getting back on its wheels. Chaos 2 attempted to meet his opponent. Chaos 2 tried to flip Crushtacean again, but Crushtacean visually dug its claws into a flip. "Whats a great fight this is! Digging down on the front of the Chaos 2 to gain purchase on the arena floor." - horns again

Crushtacean drives into the pit

Crushtacean pushed Chaos 2 into the angle of the grinder, but it finally managed to turn back. Crushtacean, now on the back foot, decided to activate the Pit Release bumper. However, it wasn’t much time to go back to the Pit. "And they crab sideways, back down into the pool, and the Pit of Oblivion! After all that!" - Jonathan Pearce after Crushtacean pitted itself

Crushtacean was eliminated as a result. Craig Charles: "What happened, what happened?" Ian Visser: "Exactly what you saw! I went backwards instead of forwards." Craig Charles: "But you opened the pit yourself!" Ian Visser: "It was my turn!" - A cruel twist of fate for Crushtacean

Crushtacean was given the Most Original Entry Award. Extreme 2 Edit

Crushtacean has come to South Africa. Crushtacean bridal cruise carnival melee. Philippa Forrester: "Are you frightened of the Canadians, with the turtle?" Ian Visser: "I guess not." Philippa Forrester: "Are you a bright of the Cypriots, with the legendary dog?" Ian Visser: "It would have been a pushing power, but I think it’s Philippa Forrester: "Are you frightened of the Welsh, with Panic Attack?" Ian Visser: "Panic Attack are good, they are very, very good. They can drive much more than I can, as you know!" - Pre-battle interview CommonwealthCarnageRound1.2.1

Crushtacean pits cerberus

Crushtacean initially stayed out of the action, spinning around as Panic Attack fought Cerberus. It drove into the top arena wall, then reversed into n empty CPZ. It chased after Cerberus, but missed it. But it’s not a problem. Crushtacean pulled by it. "Cerberus and Crushtacean lock jaws and claws, and Cerberus down!" Jonathan Pearce

Crushtacean targets Terror Turtle

Panic Attack had been fighting with Terror Turtle, but Terror Turtle had been driven away and drove at Crushtacean, followed by Crushtacean. After the Terror Turtle Turtle, it is a Crushtacean, then charged at the Terror Turtle. It was reversed and tried past the Canadian representative. Panic Attack pushed for Crushtacean dropping for a bit, but bounced off the skirts. Crushtacean backed off as Panic Attack pushed Terror Turtle into the CPZ. It drove just outside the CPZ as it was a Terror Turtle cornered, but Crushtacean avoided it. It drove backwards and backwards, and Crushtacean reversed as well. It is a scraper of "... Crushtacean's claws, made from 12mm aluminum, driven by a screw jack mechanism, exerting 300 kilos of pressure there." - Jonathan Pearce as Crushtacean holds Terror Turtle

Crushtacean turned out, still holding onto Terror Turtle. Crushtacean released Terror Turtle. Panic Attack pushes the CPZ, and the House Robot lifted it up. Crushtacean winding back after it turned out. It was a scorching tantrone panic attack. "It fits beautifully, we measured it up!" - Ian Visser comments on how it fits perfectly in its claws CommonwealthCarnageRound2.2.1 ">

Crushtacean grips Corkscrew

In the second round, Crushtacean then faced the Scottish Corkscrew. Crushtacean charged at Corkscrew, but missed. Crushtacean tried to line up another charge, Corkscrew drove into it, knocking it aside. However, it wasn’t much time for the crushtacean to push the corkscrew into the wall. Crushtacean pulled Corkscrew back, and drove it towards the pit release. "Now this'll be something of an upset if South Africa were to win this ..." - Jonathan Pearce  CommonwealthCarnageRound2.2.2

Crushtacean falls in the pit

However, Crushtacean tried to open the wall. Crushtacean eventually managed to fall away. Crushtacean pushed Corkscrew towards the pit, despite the fact that he had not won. "This was a famous victory for South Africa!" - Jonathan Pearce

Crushtacean was the Commonwealth Carnage. The English Firestorm 4, the English representative. "If we can see them for them, we’ve been driving them beautifully, I think!" - Ian Visser admits his plan for fighting Firestorm 4 to Corkscrew Crushtacean ">

Firestorm 4 defeats Crushtacean

Firestorm 4 charged at Crushtacean, but Crushtacean dodged it. Firestorm 4 turned around and being frosted. Both robots and firestorm 4 quickly got under it. Crushtacean reversed, flipping it out. Firestorm 4 got under Crushtacean again but Crushtacean reversed off the wedge. As Firestorm 4 turned away for another attack, Crushtacean drove into an angle grinder, then reversed close to Dead Metal's CPZ. The dead metal grabbed before it letting it go. Firestorm 4, Crushtacean drove into the wall, before reversing back into Dead Metal's pincers. Firestorm 4 flipped Crushtacean against the House Robot before overturning it. "We know what the problem is." - Jonathan Pearce Refbot counts out Crushtacean

It was flipped by firestorm 4. It was still stuck on the side. "I’m not too sure, they can not be effective." - Jonathan Pearce

Refbot came in and counted out Crushtacean, confirming Firestorm 4 as the Commonwealth Carnage champion. "... This is a bit of a commonwealth carnage champion!" - Jonathan Pearce as Crushtacean is counted out Dutch Series 2 Edit

Crushtacean, Krab-Bot, Destructor 2. page 4ActAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw% 3D% 3 Alien Destructor 2 pushes Krab-Bot into the wall D. Krab-Bot grabs Alien Destructor 2

Alien Destructor 2, crossing the arena towards Krab-Bot, and Krab-Bot. Krab-Bot reversed, Krab-Bot to get it back. It is a Krab-Bot that has been released. Alien Destructor 2 rammed into a wall, grabbed Alien Destructor, pinning it back before it’s off. Krab-Bot reversed, but reversed straight into Dead Metal, which pinned it down. It was a scandalous breakdown of the opponent’s path to his opponent. Krab-Bot let Alien Destructor 2 go, and his opponent rammed it down the arena. Krab-Bot reversed off, but drove into a CPZ. He managed to escape and pushed his opponents around, using his claws to hold it still. It was a Krab-Bot into Sergeant Bash. Dead metal crab in, and cut into Alien Destructor 2, whilst Krab-Bot escaped. It was still unable to escape, and it punched two of them. The House of the Destructor of the punished 2 go, but the death of tires, it could not escape the CPZ. Time was out, and the jury ruled that Krab-Bot was the winner.

In the second round, Krab-Bot was drawn against Hammerhead 2. , we need to work, and we will have to leave it, and you will have to leave to go, and you will have to leave it up to you, and you will have to leave it up for you. <p> Krab-Bot holding one of the Hammerhead 2's side hammers </ p> <img src = Krab-Bot pushes Hammerhead 2 into an angle grinder

Krab-Bot started by grabbing on it. If you are driving, you can get any damage. But the Hammerhead 2 has got a lot of fun. Hammerhead 2 drove into Shunt's CPZ, but quickly drove out. Trying to get away from hitting the bottom of the claws. Krab-Bot tried to grab Hammerhead 2, but Hammerhead 2 was able to drive around Krab-Bot. Krab-Bot dropping the floor off the floor. Hammerhead 2 was rammed in and out. Hammerhead tried pushing Krab-Bot, but it turned out to be "fins". Hammerhead tried to get away, and eventually Krab-Bot let Hammerhead 2 free. Hammerhead 2 button. It is a reversing of the opponent. Krab-Bot drove down to his opponent's opponent. Krab-Bot drove close to Shunt's CPZ, but Shunt missed with its ax. He drove away from the CPZ, but drove away from the wall. It turned away and drove into his opponent, he turned away and drove into Shunt's CPZ. Shunt pushed it out, and Crushtacean started spinning back and forth. Hammerhead 2 across the arena. Hammerhead 2 escaped, Krab-Bot missed a charge at it. Hammerhead tried to get a little bit more than that. Once again, they ruled in favor of Krab-Bot.

In the Heat Final, Krab-Bot met Twisted Metal Evo. , we need to use the same page, and we will have to click, click, click, click, click, click on it, click here. <p> Krab-Bot grabs Twisted Metal Evo </ p> <img src = Krab-Bot pushes Philipper 2

Krab-Bot charged straight to Phillipper 2, Krab-Bot reversed for another charge, then drove back at 2. Philipper 2 flipped the grinder and it was stuck there until the Refbot helped it down. Krab-Bot drove at Phillip 2, but an ill-timed turn Phillip 2 to get at its side. If it’s a flip-flop, it’ll get a flip-flop, it’ll get it. Shunt and Growler came in line with the Phillip 2. It wasn’t hurt, then he didn’t need it. Krab-Bot reversed away, and the two fought in the arena center. Philipper 2 flipped over Krab-Bot, but it was an invertible. Krab-Bot dropping at the bottom of the flipper, Krab-Bot pushed back, getting one of the flipper under the flipper. Krab-Bot pushed Philipper 2 into the CPZ, then pushed it into an angle grinder as Growler came in. Philipper 2 pushed Krab-Bot back into the CPZ, where the Growler bit pulls it down the arena. Growing pushed, then let it go. It is then charged back at the bottom of the wall. Phillipper 2 pushed back to the bottom (grabing the pit), grabing the bottom of the prabtail and the bastard phthipper. However, the philliman 2 couldn’t have been pushed back in the last few seconds. Time of the day, ruled in favor of Philipper 2, and Krab-Bot. Series 7 edit for you two tena3AAABAEAAAALAAAAAAABAAEAQAICTAEAOw% 3D% 3D "> edit for you two tenas aluminum crab, electric power, 36 volt, "indestructible" they say, manoeuvrable, but a 4cm ground clearance. Crab sandwhich, anyone? " - Jonathan Pearce Crushtacean

In this case, it was a rematch of the Series 5 shock. page UFO drives Crushtacean against the arena wall shptu Shunt axes crushtacean

It is not possible to grab hold on to the UFO's wedge shape. Meanwhile, Behemoth got straight under Tartarus and flipped into Shunt's CPZ. The Crushtacean drove up the UFO's wedge, the UFO just pushed the Crushtacean down the arena. Due to its curved shape, Crushtacean, Crushtacean. Crushtacean managed to avoid the scoop and drive away up the arena. Crushtacean over it and rammed it into an arena wall. Crushtacean was briefly pinned against the wall by UFO, but Behemoth pushed UFO from the side, which allowed Crushtacean to turn away from UFO's wedge. However, Behemoth has been wedge down and flipped it over. "The danger for Crushtacean is getting it out of the arena." - Jonathan Pearce after Behemoth flipped Crushtacean

Crushtacean fell back on the UFO's wedge, but reversed away into a CPZ, then into the center of the arena. Behemoth charged at it, knocking it up on its side. The Crushtacean fell down, but the UFO got it, then pushed it towards a CPZ. "This is where it comes from." - Jonathan Pearce

Crushtacean, seconds before it went out 0.36.3% Crushtacean after being dumped out of arena

UFO pushed Crushtacean into the CPZ, it was cornered by UFO and Behemoth, the latter of which was flipped by Crushtacean over UFO. Crushtacean landed on the arena wall, stuck against it. It was a scam that I’ve been scored by "This is a shock, because it means the UFO will go through with Behemoth." - Crushtacean was eliminated before the weaponless UFO

Irish robot Topbot. Jayne Middlemiss: "Do you think Crushtacean can make it?" Ian Visser: "Well, we'll try our best, I think." - Pre-battle interview Crustacean pins Topbot against the top arena wall.

Crushtacean quickly managed to grab hold of it and pinned it. Crushtacean reversed away from the disc and Topbot escaped. "... allowed to get away! Crushtacean - Jonathan Pearce Crushtacean drops Topbot in the pit

Crushtacean briefly became the Refbot, it’s stuck in its side, under the front wedge. It’s not a hindrance, but it’s not. It can drive away from it, before it is charging it Crushtacean got behind it, grabbed it and pushed it down the arena. Despite Topbot's struggles, Crushtacean pulled Topbot into the pit. Craig Charles: "What do you think your chances are in the World Championships?" Dominic Visser: "High!" Craig Charles: "" High "?! Nothing wrong, with a little bit of confidence, is there?" Dominic Visser: "No." Craig Charles: "If you really want to see your robots?" Ian Visser: “They’re all good, they’re really good, you’re really good,” - Post-battle interview

In the first round, he faced the Dutch Champions PulverizeR and Swiss robot Snake Bite. "Crushtacean, brilliantly conceived idea I think, the South African entry." - Jonathan Pearce during the battle viak wak wak3AAAAEAQAICTAEAOwA3AAAAEAQAICAEAwA3AAAAAALAAAAAAABAAEAQAICAEAAAAAAAAAP <p> Snake Bite attacks, despite being counted out </ p> <p> Crushtacean immediately after the tire was released. This is a knitted crushtacean up a little, and the crushtacean pushed PulverizeR back towards Sergeant Bash's CPZ. However, PulverizeR was able to turn away and Crushtacean charged into the CPZ itself. It quickly went back after PulverizeR. Meanwhile, Snake Bite has broken down. Crushtacean pushed PulverizeR into the wall, and it fired on it. PulverizeR reversed up, with Crushtacean, slanted body. PulverizeR's disc had stopped spinning. As Snake Bite was counted out, he caught it. He continued his assault on the pulmonary, continuing to attack him, getting to his attention. </ p> Snake Bite grabs Crushtacean

Crushtacean tried to grab the pulverize, but he couldn’t help. Crushtacean tried to grip again. Crushtacean on the road, Crushtacean on the road. Dead Metal intervened, pulling Snake Bite and Crushtacean away from the pit. Crushtacean had to be stuck in the Snake Bite Crushtacean had qualified for the Semi-Finals. "I’m not really tired, but I’m hungry for there." - Ian Visser after the battle

Here it is met Supernova, which is Sri Lanka. Jayne Middlemiss: "Well done Crushtacean, representing South Africa." Ian Visser: "Bit of a surprise!" Jayne Middlemiss: "" Bit of a surprise "?!" Ian Visser: "That's alright, touch and go." Jayne Middlemiss: "What are your tactics against Sri Lanka, they have not got a nasty spinner on there." Ian Visser: "I think it happens. . We'll have to see. " Jayne Middlemiss: "Have you got the claws?" Ian Visser: "Oh yes, they can be undamaged enough to do that!" - Pre-battle interview < <>,

Supernova hits Crushtacean's wheels

Crushtacean quickly rammed out Supernova's disc. Crushtacean then appeared to be losing mobility and was left circling near Shunt's CPZ. The House Robot missed a couple of ax blows. Supernova hit, sending it to the side, sending it to the top. "... and I’m not sure, I’m thinking about it!" - Jonathan Pearce Crushtacean is plucked up by Sir Killalot after being counted out . Crushtacean's claw hangs loose.

Crushtacean stopped moving after this, and it was counted out by Refbot. Crushtacean was picked up by Sir Killalot, who paraded Crushtacean around the arena, eventually dropping it on the floor flipper. The Crushtacean was flipped and then rounded up. Crushtacean from the tournament. Ian Visser: "It’s a bit like, [Supernova] I think most of the damage now is from the House. ” Craig Charles: "You kind of drove into them, though." Ian Visser: "It was my own undoing!" - Pre-battle interview Series 9 Crushtacean competed in Heat 4, where the competitors were competitors, Ironside3, and Grand Finalist from Pulsar. However, it’s not a problem, however, that it’s 3, 2, 1, it’s not a problem. battle [5]. "Only here it will be a fight between three huge spinners and a crab." - Dara Ó Briain Crushtacean is knocked out by Ironside3 hrm_rHrAAAAAAAEAQAICTAEAOwA3A% The immobile Crushtacean is roasted on the Flame Pit

Crushtacean's creations around the arena. Suddenly, Crushtacean turned to be spraying over the Flame Pit. "... it can be a bit of a burnish." - Jonathan Pearce

It was also an immobilized situation. Crushtacean's Series 9 campaign has been called. CRUSHTACEAN - RESULTS UK Series 5 The Fifth Wars - UK Championship
Heat Final Heat H, Eliminator vs. Robochicken-Evo Won Heat H, Semi-Final vs. Behemoth (15) Won Heat H, Final vs. Wheely Big Cheese (10) Lost Series 6 The Sixth Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 2 Heat C, Round 1 vs. Mr Nasty, Dantomkia, Doctor Fist Qualified Heat C, Round 2 vs. Chaos 2 (5) Lost Extreme Series 2 Commonwealth Carnage
Representing South Africa, Runner-up Round 1 vs. Panic Attack (WAL), Terror Turtle (CAN), Cerberus (CYP) Qualified Round 2 vs. Corkscrew (SCO) Won Final vs. Firestorm 4 (ENG) Lost Series 7 The Seventh Wars - UK Championship
Heat, Round 1 Heat L, Round 1 vs. Behemoth (10), Tartarus, UFO Eliminated The Third World Championship
Representing South Africa, Semi-Finalist Qualifier vs. Topbot (IRE) Won Round 1 vs. PulverizeR (NED), Snake Bite (SUI) Won Semi-Final vs. Supernova (SRI) Lost Series 9 Series 9 - UK Championship
Round 1 Heat 4, Group Battle vs. Apex, Ironside3, Pulsar Eliminated Wins / Losses Edit UK Wins: 7 UK Losses: 6 Dutch Wins: 3 Dutch Losses: 1 Series Record Edit UK Series Edit Dutch Series / data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODlhAQABAIABAAAAAP /// yH5BAEAAAEALAAAAAAB AAEAQAICTAEAOw% 3D% 3D "> Edit

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