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The Sentier district, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, remains one of the key locations of the fashion and textile sector. Many wholesalers, manufacturers and designers still have their shops there, even if the neighborhood is changing.


This historic area of ​​the garment textile, clothing and fashion accessories products, continues to play a central role in the Parisian textile sector.

Many shops and showrooms of wholesalers, manufacturers and designers ready-to-wear and accessories are concentrated around the Rue d'Aboukir, rue du Caire and Saint-Denis, key streets of the Sentier, in an often turbulent atmosphere, sometimes apparent disorganization but some good mood.


Wholesalers in Passage du Caire

Situated between Rue du Caire and rue d'Aboukir, there is the Passage du Caire, the oldest covered passage of Paris you can pick from a wholesaler few batches of clothes.


A little further on, still in the trail, the long street of Aboukir, Rue d'Alexendrie and the Rue de Clery: small narrow shops and large showrooms, leather bags and jewelry and evening dresses, jeans or t-shirts printed. The sailor trend very classic suit, you can find what you want. Take the time to visit all the shops...


The market here is also the world of fast fashion: design, fabrication, delivery can be made in a few days. Some still manufacture their products in France, other overseas Tunisia, Turkey, Italy and of course China. Some wholesale shops are now empty, deserted because of crisis, others are to be divested; some, notably rue d'Aboukir and rue du Caire are there for more than 50 years and remain, even if the business is not always good, and the number of employees continues to decline. Some long-established wholesalers also face the problem of the transmission and the resumption of their business, they have not always anticipated.


Wholesalers in rue d'Aboukir

We now see more and more of the Sentier district wholesalers with online retail sales, crisis forces: you have destocker products that have not been sold wholesale. We even see in the bustle of rue du Caire, people distribute leaflets to passers to come saint denis paris wholesale fashion in the showrooms of the Centers Wholesalers!


In this are there are some vendors of textile fabrics, you can buy a few rolls and have it produced quickly.


Know that this area is more expensive than Aubervilliers and Paris 11th Popincourt.

Famous retailers started as wholesalers and have succeeded in making strong brands like, Naf Naf, Sandro, Maje,...

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