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It is not uncommon for an external page of an unknown site to open when launching browsers. Deleting the home page in the browser setting does not lead to anything. This takes the user's energy and causes a feeling of irritation. I want to please you, delete from the browser, you can quickly do a few actions.  Remove from the start page of the browser

You just need to know what you are dealing with! - This is a perfidious site that sticks and is written in the lines of Internet browsers due to the installation of free applications, all kinds of programs on questionable portals. The main goal of the cunning resource is to advertise and promote the product to the final consumer, create an alternative to and reorient its target audience. It seems to be all good. But the site is directly imposed. Through the virus, is prescribed in programs. And this is at least unpleasant.

Content: What damage can be caused by classic search engines are replaced by an unknown; web surfing quality goes down; the risk of catching viruses increases and the operating system crashes; the new page setting cannot be removed or replaced in any way.

Therefore, there is a real need to eliminate this inconvenience. How to remove from the browser start page

One way to uninstall Hi.r is to manually clean up the shortcuts. An example would be the Google Chrome browser. To do this, you need to find a browser shortcut on your PC desktop. Click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Properties” menu.  Click on Properties in the browser's shortcut Next, go to the" Label "tab and look for the" Object "field. This range contains information about the launch of the necessary program. It was here that the virus tried and automatically added a link to a useless Internet resource. In a healthy version, the line should end with chrome.exe ".  Delete from Google Chrome shortcut Excessive prescriptions will be malicious. For example, http: ///? 10. Additional information you just need to delete. Next, click "Apply". Thus, you save the edited settings and remove the Hi.RU page from the start page in the browser.  We remove the website Hi.Ru from Opera and Mozilla browsers

An important nuance is that this operation needs to be done with all the labels. They can be located both on the desktop and in the Start menu, quick launch panel. The used panacea for the appearance of the project "" is applicable for other browsers. These are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yandex and Maxton. It is only necessary to observe the logic of action.

I have already described several useful instructions for removing fake start pages in a browser in articles earlier:, and

A second, more radical way to remove www. Is to reinstall the software. Removing and reinstalling the browser is a simple task. But the replacement of the operating system will require skills from special skills. With the last option I like to work. Experimenting with new updates is very interesting. But after that it will take more time to adjust the personal functions of the computer. The process is fascinating, but not reasonable enough because of such trifles. It should be noted that this is a universal way to get rid of many faults. But often it is not recommended to use it.

Also, many developers offer special utilities for removing malware and repairing many faults. They require additional cash outlay. And this, as for me, is not particularly practical and reasonable. How to prevent the appearance of such pests

In order to prevent from the site, you should periodically use the healing utilities from the developer Dr.Web. Their functionality should not be neglected. These are effective programs against viruses and all sorts of failures. And dangerous .exe files on the Internet are far from uncommon. Famous Oleg Sirota, a blogger, often cites computer vaccination as an example and reminds the audience of the device protection. Warning - this is an important moment in the struggle for the integrity of the system. It is important!

Internet portals are full of information and illustrative examples to eliminate the problem "". One of these channels is “HELP-IT”, where a large number of high-quality and useful videos are displayed to eliminate many errors. For example, in the video:

Shows how to properly delete the start page. All the details, detail and availability. Any error can be fixed. This requires only knowledge and experience.

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