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The development of children's motor skills with their hands

The development of children's motor skills with their hands

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Ever wonder why every preschool, kindergarten and first grade projects? There are so many integrating skills that develop when using scissors. It has been a great deal. ”

(E.g. as it is necessary for writing). And there is so much more ...

Benefits: The fingers move away from the hand while the fingers stabilize the scissors. This facilitates the independent movement of each finger. The muscles are required. Cutting a pair of hands. Cutting the hand motions, a hand-eye task. Cutting requires some directional sense, a visual perceptual task. Cutting can be used for an art project (creativity), language project (reading skills), Math / Science, etc. Cutting requires some precision, thereby improving motor dexterity.

Here are some suggested activities per age level:

Baby to Three: No cutting. Provide recycled paper to tear up. This builds bilateral motor coordination. It also requires TIPS to rip successfully. This further strengthens the fingers.

3 years: Close supervision and blunted scissors are a must. Snooping the fingers. Here are a few: Roll clay snakes or coils, assist the child while holding the coil while snipping into chunks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Snip plastic or paper straws.

3 + -4 years: Once you can move on to: Snipping tickets: Use one inch strips of index cards. Snipping fringe: it is very difficult to manage. Try cutting paper in half. Index cards are rigid.


4+ years: Can not be more accurate. Go back to: Index cards (to follow specific directions). Cut out shapes (square, triangle) drawn on index cards. Cut out pictures from magazines, etc. Repetitive cutting (e.g. paper strips) “Abstract Masterpiece.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Projects can get “bigger,” such as cutting out paper bags and packaging paper.

5 years: Proficiency in cutting should not easily develop now. Some work. It would be a problem to make it correctly. Cut out traced shapes. Cut out letters and numbers from newspaper headlines. Continue free form cutting for art creations. May be strong enough to cut out for three dimensional projects.

5+ years on: Detailed cutting can begin. Start with small projects. How can you grow and grow? Make a kite

Materials: Good scissors. This site is a scissor-cutter, high-quality scissors or key. It is nothing more than to make it. This is that fastest route to quitting. I have found Friskar blunted tip preschool scissors consistently reliable. A specialized preschool scissor can be ordered as well. Link found below. Save up those magazines, newspapers and JUNK MAIL. The Recycling Center won’t mind. Invest in small size index cards. If you work at an office, look for discounted cards and paper. Save shoe boxes, etc. for the young architect / builder. Help even more spatial reasoning skills. Not just paper goods: save discarded string, ribbon, etc. The child will use these materials creatively. Glue Save wrapping paper and tissue paper. If you are a baby, you can offer new opportunities. This paper is difficult to cut. Scrap fabrics can be used. It is also difficult to use the Kindergarten ++ child. Ideas for inexpensive scissor cutting activities.

I DO NOT recommend purchasing workbooks to practice cutting. Save this for the classroom. Allow the child to create, invent and enjoy the process of cutting materials. This is a creation project or a simple project. Zig zags and curves. With a fun activity, it will be involved for much longer.

And all those scraps of paper are all over the floor. Ask your child to pick up the big pieces to recycle. The spirit of the grasp, which guess the fingers stronger!

There will still be many scraps about. YOU are done.

Resources for scissor craft activities:





More on cutting


Specialized Scissors:



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