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The jacket with your hands

The jacket with your hands

Date: 16.10.2018, 15:51 / View: 35442

How to make a sewing of a women's jacket with your hands. Photo number 1

Women's jacket - is both a fashionable wardrobe detail and the preferred element of business style. Although jackets and moved from the men's arsenal, they, paradoxically, are able to emphasize the femininity of forms and slimness of the figure. Properly seated jacket can correct any shortcomings, correct posture and drastically change the overall impression of the image.

To pick up ideally sitting jacket can be difficult. But in order not to resort to expensive tailor services, you can learn how to sew a jacket yourself.

Step one: take measurements

The pattern for the jacket is built according to all the rules for constructing the pattern-basis for the humeral product. Necessary measurements: chest girth, waist girth and hips girth. In addition, the amount of arm circumference in the armpits, in the elbow, when the arm is half-bent and wrists, is needed in case the jacket has a long sleeve. Vertical measurements: the height of the back from the highest point of the shoulder at the neck to the waist, the length from the waist to the hip line (the one along which the volume was measured), as well as the same length of the front. In the presence of sleeves - the length of the sleeve from the shoulder to the wrist in a half-bent arm position. An important feature: vertical measurements are taken through the protruding points of the figure - the shoulder blades and the chest. As a rule, all other values ​​are obtained by calculation.

Step Two: Build a Pattern

So, the measurements were taken correctly, and you can start building a pattern. Let's start from the back. To do this, vertical measurements are first transferred onto a sheet of paper. It turns out a sort of scale, perpendicular to which horizontal lines are drawn. At the level of the shoulder - the top point, at the level of the armpits - the second, at the waist - the third and on the hips - the fourth. Having thus lined sheet, it is divided in half and from the central axis lay the volume values ​​to the right and left. Next, build a line of shoulders and neck. The shape and size of the neck is not necessary to measure. As a rule, its depth behind it is 5-6 cm, and its width is 10-11 cm in each direction from the axis. The length of the shoulder is measured with a measuring tape and deposited from the top of the pattern. By the patterns you can now build and open the sleeves.

It is important to take into account that the human body has volume, and provide for darts. To do this, they are built inside the finished pattern, and in order for the jacket to sit in size, the width of these darts is added from the edges of the pattern. The front pattern is constructed in the same way, just darts have a large width. Details such as a collar, lapels and pockets are built after the base, when all sizes are known.

Step Three: proceed to tailoring

With a pattern-based, you can start sewing. The choice of fabrics is huge, and depends entirely on their own taste. If the jacket becomes a uniform for a business woman, it is worthwhile to give preference to discreet colors and classic fabrics, and if it is worn with jeans, then the choice is not limited. It is important to remember some of the nuances of tailoring: the facing, the collar, and the lapels are glued to keep the shape, classic jackets certainly have shoulder pads. In addition, natural fabrics shrink, which should also be foreseen.

A well-fitting jacket is a thing for all occasions, so learning to sew it yourself is a very useful endeavor.

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