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Designers who create original clothing or accessories for women and have their own product lines

Fashionistas, just like you can never have too many designer shoes, we know you love your designer clothing brands like Versache, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, but which is the absolute top fashion designer for women? Whether you're a fan of the funky Betsey Johnson or the classic Louis Vuitton, we want to hear which designer you love best and which you wouldn't be caught dead wearing. Add your list of your favorite fashion designers for women and best designer brands and vote for the ones you love or hate below!

Fashion is a tricky thing to follow and predict as styles and top designer brands change almost as often as the weather. Accordingly, staying trendy can be equally as tricky, and also expensive, but certainly keeps the top designers in business. As many aspiring fashion desingers have learned, it's also a tough business to break into and even harder to stay in. However, as the Valentinos and Chanels prove, some of the best fashion designers for women are timeless.

Vote for your favorites on this list of women's designer clothing brands, and then head to the stores for a shopping spree! You've earned some new designer looks!

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