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Video backwards how to make

Video backwards how to make

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Much has been written about the beneficial effect of rest in a rocking chair. He helps to concentrate during intellectual work. Finally, it’s just convenient, after pumping off, to take books from the rack behind your back or a cup of coffee from the coffee table. Prices of ready-made rockers, as it should be in a consumer society, react adequately to such advantages in their own way: a rocking chair for 5,000 rubles. it is still cheap. And people are artisans and they also respond adequately in their own way: those who want to make a rocking chair with their own hands arrive. However, the rocking chair is different from other pieces of furniture, firstly, in the fact that the whole moves, swings. Secondly, in order for it not to turn from a rocking chair into a pinch or a tipper, the whole product with a seat in it must have an exact balance that must be maintained within acceptable limits for riders of different weights and build. This publication is devoted to questions about how to achieve the required qualities of a rocking chair. Types of rocking chairs

Conform with your own requests you need at the stage of choosing a prototype. The rocking chair is known for several types, targeting users with different habits and requests. The main types of rocking chairs are shown in the photo. The first appeared in everyday life rocking on simple radial runners (arcs, rocker arm, ski). They are in use to this day, both in modern and in classical form, pos. 1 and 2. Their main advantage is constructive and technological simplicity. The main types of rocking chairs

The main types of rocking chairs

Smooth and soft rocking radius runners provide only a relatively small swinging, and with a strong do not guarantee against overturning. Therefore, rocking “on radii” is performed with a low fit, ensuring a large excess of the center of the circle generatrix (DH) over the common center of gravity (DH); For more information about the kinematics of rocking, see below. If a seat of normal height is required, the skids are provided with chippers, pos. 3. The strikes of the bump stops on the floor are noticeably given in the “fifth point”, and in any case it is necessary to step out of the rocking chair on the radial runners, somewhat straining.

Note: stability when swinging a little with a greater amplitude at a normal landing height is ensured by rocking on radial runners with a closing horizontal arc, see fig. on right. But, suddenly the limit is reached, the supporting surface instantly comes down to a point and a sharp jolt in the back follows. Rocking chairs with arc-shaped back rest

Rocking chairs with arc-shaped back rest

Rollover excluded in rocking on the runners of variable curvature, pos. 4. All of them are comfortable enough for riders of different builds. Themselves gently land a nirvana-type rocking chair, which has pushed up and forward, on a skid of varying curvature, pos. 5 and 6. They are also possible, by changing the rate of progression in the law of change of the forming radius (also see on kinematics), to design for any landing height, within acceptable limits. Rocking chair with a cradle

Rocking chair with a cradle

Note: mothers and babies give complete rest with a complete unity of the rocking-shower cradle. Reliable rocking chairs with a cradle are made only on runners of variable curvature, see fig. on right. Otherwise, all of a sudden, the little one will get worried and the mother will start trembling, and you can also tumble together. That is just dangerous for a baby.

Rocking Nirvana on elliptical runners, pos. 7, provide a true swinging, a truly blissful, but do not prevent overturning with a strong buildup, and therefore are supplied with bump stops; The front is often combined with a footboard. The garden rocking chairs, sun loungers with an awning on ellipses, pos. eight. Rocking chair on springs

Rocking-chair on springs

Rocking Nirvana on springs, see fig. on the left, swinging as gently as on ellipses, because mechanical characteristics of springs progressive. But making a spring armchair with your own hands is difficult: is requiredor high-quality boards of special types of wood (teak, boxwood, dogwood) or rubber-coated so as not to scratch the floor, spring steel strip. In addition, in the gap between the spring and the runner mud is packed and it can be very painful to pinch a finger. For the last reasons, nowadays spring seats are rarely available for sale. rocking chair 3 in 1

Rocking chair 3 in 1

Finally, there are also multifunctional “3 in 1” rockers on the runners with smooth breaks, see fig. on right. With a straight fit, this is an ordinary seat; having leaned back, it can be transferred to the rocking mode on radii, and having leaned back even more, it can be turned into a lounger. But the dimensions of the rocking chair 3 in 1 are too large for apartments below the business class, and the transitions from mode to mode are accompanied by quite sensitive shocks. In the unsuccessful models for this you have to or even get up, or twitch, wriggle and fidget, like a puppet on strings. Therefore, rocking chairs 3 in 1 - a piece of furniture to the amateur. For starters

Without any complaints, just to relax after work, the rocking-chair on radius runners will help. The drawings of a simple sample, made, with the exception of the runners, only of straight parts, are shown in Fig. To a cottage, a veranda or a garden, this chair can be made in half a day, using only an electric jigsaw, a drill and a pair of wrenches (the assembly is bolted). And after a shake of joy, it is possible already to think about a home rocking chair for the more sophisticated; then you will need a tool and knowledge more thoroughly. Drawings of a simple rocking chair

Drawings of a simple rocking chair How does it swing?

Most of the home craftsmen make rocking chairs according to finished drawings, but prototypes often turn out to be designed and tailored to fit a particular person, and an exact replica is not so convenient. Therefore, before doing a rocking chair, you must obtain at least initial information about its kinematics.

The CG of a straight person of normal build is located on the border of the loin and sacrum on the inner side of the spinal column. In a seated individual, he mixes a little forward and even less down. In the system of the chair-rider, the general DH is shifted back almost to the initial position and even a little down. The displacement of the general CG downwards for the construction of the rocking chair is not particularly significant and it can be considered that the projection of the total CG onto the supporting surface (floor) is approximately the same as that of a standing person. In the future, the resulting error is easy to compensate for the final balancing of the chair, see below.

A much stronger effect on the stability and comfort of the rocking position of the DH on the vertical relative to the central heating; the latter is a determining value when designing rocking chairs on rails with variable curvature. If the CG and the DH coincide, this is an indifferent equilibrium: at any physically possible inclination of the chair, the CG projection on the floor falls on the point of contact of the runners O, pos. 1 and 1a in fig. The chair does not swing, and if you lean back too much - an instant roll with the risk of breaking the neck. Fortunately, the exact coincidence of DH and DH is only theoretically possible. Kinematics and building a profile of a wheel rocking chair

Kinematics and profile building rocking chair

If DH is higher than the central heating, then its projection at any inclination "runs away" outward, backward or forward, from the point of contact. At the slightest tilt, an overturning moment of Mo occurs (pos. 2 and 2a), the rocking chair turns out to be unstable. To avoid such a situation for a family rocking chair, it is calculated and balanced on the tallest, heaviest, and busiest rider possible so that its central area is higher than DH by 450 mm or more. Then, when the chair tilts “to run away”, it becomes m. O from the projection of the CG, the recovery moment Мв (pos. 3 and 3a) will constantly act and the chair will not overturn during the buildup. For those who are smaller, the elevation of the DH over the CG will be too big and the swaying will be too harsh, but this can be easily compensated for with pillows under the back and the seat. In general, the lower the elevation of the CO over the CG, the more gently and gently the swaying, but also the probability of tipping over, abruptly straightened and standing in the chair, higher. Therefore, it is better for novice joiners to specify the excess of the central location within 600-700 mm

Note: if it is impossible to determine the position of the CG of the largest of the riders (say, in its absence), the radius of the forming circle R is equal to the average height of users minus 5 cm. Suddenly, the swinging will be harsh, you can fix it by placing a permanent pillow on the seat.

In a chair on the runners of variable curvature, it is not necessary to drag your pillows with you: it will itself move into the position of maximum comfort. At the same time, the big man will lean back stronger and the slender will be sitting straighter. When swinging backwards, t. O will run away from the projection of the CG the farther, the greater the angle of inclination and swing before tilting will simply not work. And if you "pump" forward, which is generally difficult, the chair will smoothly set the hyperactive on the floor: where do you need to rest? Go do something.

To build a profile of variable-curvature skids, the radius of the generatrix of the circle (it is determined, as in the previous case) will, firstly, be rotated several times by a fixed angle α; usually take α = 10 degrees. Secondly, to build the rear branch of the skid, R at each turn increases according to the law of geometric progression with the index k = 1.02-1.03. That is, there will be (see pos. 4 fig.) R1 = kR; R2 = kR1; R3 = kR2; R4 = kR3, etc., if required. In fact, R changes according to a certain trigonometric function, but for furniture accuracy and dimensions of a rocking chair it is more convenient to replace it with a progression, so it is easier to consider.

Construction of the front branch is carried out on a constant R, but at each turn the formative circle of the central part is raised vertically (ibid, in pos. 4 Fig.). The initial elevation Δh1 is taken equal to 2-3% R, i.e. (0,02-0,03) R, and the next ones are also in a geometrical progression with the same index as for the posterior branch. Δh1 in this case, the value is quite critical; its smaller value must be taken for the thin, and the greater for the thick.

In conclusion, the points obtained are connected with a smooth curve. Do not be embarrassed if the tangents to it turn out to be not perpendicular to the radii: in order for the chair to be stable, at every moment of swaying it should appear as if on a reverse slope. The scale in the construction is desirable to take no smaller than 1: 5.

Note: if a chair nirvana is being designed, but the front ascending branch of its runners will be an arc of the ellipse (green dotted line at position 4), tangent to the built profile of the runner in Vol. I, ibid. Final Balancing

It is unlikely that the beginner master rocking chair turned out immediately comfortable enough. Most likely, the product will need to be balanced. If the chair does not swing well, and when it leaves, it is shoved, you need to weight the rear overhang. The easiest way to do this is by connecting the ends of the rear branches of the runners with a low U-shaped beam of planks, with a notch facing down. Weights are placed in the recess. The lever arm in this case is long, so it is not necessary to hang the weights. Another option, depending on the design, is a transverse beam-pipe with pressure load inside. But in the process of balancing it will have to be removed and put back several times. If the rocking chair tries to fall back, you need to weight the front overhang. The easiest way to do this is to put a footboard and attach weights to its side of the room. About materials

Rocking chairs are made mainly of wood. Metal, for all its workability, low waste and greater durability in the open air, is too heavy. The influence of the chair on the overall centerline is significant, the moment of inertia of the system is large and, as a result, the swaying is too sharp. Or you have to set an extremely small initial elevation of the central heating system over the central heating station, risking that, under someone, the rocking chair will tip over. However, we will return to the metal rocking chairs during the examination of individual samples. Using plywood to make a rocking chair

Using plywood to make a rocking chair

Plywood is another matter entirely, especially for beginning carpenters. First, performing the rocking parts with 3-ply glued ones, it is possible to make accurate and durable thorn-groove joints only with the help of a jigsaw, to the left in the figure, if you follow the trace. regulations: The plywood of the middle layer is taken twice as thick as for the extreme ones. For example, if you need a total thickness of 20 mm, then glued 5-10-5 mm. Assemble parts from blanks on a 2-component waterproof glue. If the PVA - necessarily supported by small nails. Compounds collected with sizing (wedging in this case is unacceptable) and reinforced with diagonal pairs of screws from 2 sides. Supporting surfaces are protected with overlays of thin (6-10 mm) slats of solid, durable wood or dense sheet rubber with a thickness of 4-5 mm. Plywood under concentrated load is very well pricked.

Secondly, plywood makes it possible to apply non-standard technical solutions, for example. as on the right in fig. Such a rocking bowl made of plywood can be made, again using only jigsaw. Convenience is high, absolute stability, and can serve as a suspended hammock chair or a swing chair. The thickness of the lamella boards from 12 mm; connecting semi-washers on poles - from 24 mm.

Note: in any case, the finished plywood rocking chair must be soaked twice with water-polymer emulsion or water-based acrylic liquid varnish. This will not only increase the strength of the product and its resistance to external influences, but also relieve excess residual stresses in joints and bend parts. How to put lining

Wear-resistant wooden lining on the rocking chair runners are set footprint. in the following way: Turn the seat upside down; The blank strip is thoroughly heated with a building dryer; We lay the workpiece on the skid and tightly wound along the entire length of cotton tape. Do not burn yourself, the wood is very hot! We also tackle the second billet on the other runner; When the straps are completely cooled, we remove bandages from the webbing and glue the pva lining on wood or 2-component glue; Attach the ends of the slats with small nails until the pads fit snugly along the entire length. We put washers or pieces of plywood under the nail heads; After the glue has completely dried (2-3 days), temporary fasteners are removed. We drill blind holes for screws and fasten the ends completely; We wipe the holes with fastener heads with a putty from sawdust of the same tree, which are densely mixed with PVA.

Note: metal hardware lining need only be attached at the ends. Otherwise, if the lining is abraded during use, the fastener heads will be sticking out and will begin to scratch the floor. Examples of Metal Rocking Chairs

Overview of rocking begin with metal, because the execution of rocking chairs is justified in few cases. Forged rocking chairs imitating the classic wicker of wicker or rattan, as requiring special equipment, forge and acc. qualifications, do not touch. But the metal rocking chair “under the braid” can be made by welding from a shaped tube; preferably an elliptical section. In this case, you need to choose the kinematic scheme of rocking-nirvana as the least sensitive to the excessive elevation of the central heating system over the CG, it also corresponds well to the wicker rocking chair by design, see fig. The seat, in order not to increase the moment of inertia, is made of wicker of cables, belts, etc. Welded metal rocking chair

Welded metal rocking chair

It also makes sense to make garden rocking dolls out of metal, see below, thanks to its strength and resistance to wear. But the welded frame like that on pos. 1 pic on the right, the solution is not optimal, too complex, labor-intensive and material-intensive. It is much easier to make the steel frame of a garden rocking chair of the Concept type, pos. 2. The pipe is round from 40x2. Actually the bed can be sewn like a hammock; balancing - by changing its tension and, accordingly, sagging. As a result, the work and costs are much less than the repetition of the established forms of rockers, coming "from the tree", and comfort is just as good. Designs of garden rocking chairs from steel pipes

Constructions of garden rocking chairs from steel pipes

Here you can see another curious option: rocking frame Concept from ... gymnastic hoops. Only not aluminum or propylene, and carbon (carbon). Durability - monstrous, resistance - absolute, weight - meager. What, however, can not be said about the cost. Vanka-vstanka

Recently, garden rocking chairs - tumblers - became popular. If you lay back completely in such a way and put your legs under pressure, it falls back almost at 90 degrees, without losing stability; the rider will be lying on his back knees to the zenith. And if you stretch your legs forward, the rocking chair - Vanka-vstaka becomes in the usual position and then you can sway as always. The side of the garden rocking chair-lounge chair

The side of the garden rocking chair-chairs

A toy vanka-vstanka with a spherical bottom rocking quite sharply. Comfortable swinging of a rocking chair is achieved by profiling its runners according to a complex law. Build their sidewalls "in school", as described above, will not work. It is necessary to be guided by proven samples and to draw the markup on the grid, see fig. The option on the sidebar, with a lining of slats with a thickness of 30-40 mm, more costly, but less time consuming. It also allows you to increase the length of the rocking chair, putting intermediate supports-runners.

Note: wooden balls sit on the protruding ends of the rods longer (1050 mm) and form a handle for swinging and carrying. Rocking Bench

To wallow heels in the heavens, having thrown his hands behind his head and admiring through the quivering foliage of clouds floating in the blue heights, is a heavenly delight, but not perfect for everyone. Someone desirable and relaxing look more impressive. This is more suitable garden bench - rocking, see. Fig. It’s a little hard to swing on her, her own moment of inertia is great, but she’s also swinging for a long time. The maximum span between supports with runners is 750 mm with the lining of the rails 40 mm thick. Rear trim - decorative. Garden Rocking Bench

Garden rocking bench Sunbed with awning

And those and other requests will satisfy the garden rocking chair-bed on elliptical runners and with an awning. The dimensions of its sides are given in rice; their material is 24 mm plywood. The width of the bed - up to 900 mm, its lining of the slats 50x50. The places of the sidewalls, indicated by gray circles, are connected by round wooden crossbars with a diameter of 60 mm. The dimensions of the side of the rocking chair-lounger with an awning

Sizes of a sidewall of a rocking chair bed rocking chair

This is not about rocking horses, they are toys, not furniture. But it’s also not harmful for children to rest, swaying, so it makes sense to make a child a rocking chair. Its proportions will be slightly different than for adults, due to the influence of the square-cube law. Design and detail of a rocking chair

Design and detailing of a rocking chair

The device of the baby rocking chair, the scheme of its assembly and the specification of the details are given in Figure; the material is wood. In the slightest degree to an experienced home craftsman, to build a rocking chair for a child, guided by these data, will not be very difficult, and beginners can first see a master class on making almost the same children's rocking chair. Video: do-it-yourself rocking-chair for children The most complex and important parts - runners: Making the rest of the elements and assembling:

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