Well water with their hands

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Digging from 1 to 5 ring - 2000 rubles. for the ring

Digging from 6 to 10 ring - 2500 rubles. for the ring

The cost of a concrete ring - 1500 rubles.

Cleaning the well from 4000 rubles.

At the request of the customer, our experts will help you choose a place for the construction of a well.

Building materials are brought to the site of the Customer after making an advance payment equal to their cost and conclusion of a contract. After that, a team of specialists appointed by the contract starts the construction of a well.

Payment for work is made at the end of work, under the Act of Acceptance of Work.

Also, at the end of the work, the specialists can install a house (visor) for the well, made according to the wishes of the client. The cost is calculated individually.

General water supply systems do not exclude the possibility of any breakdowns associated with them interruptions in the water supply and are not available to everyone, and high-quality drinking water is the key to human health and longevity! That is why many people still prefer to have a well on their site.

A well is the best option for a summer cottage or a single-family country house, and in this case it has a number of advantages in comparison with a well. The construction of a well requires less financial expenses than drilling a well, which, in turn, is only advisable if water consumption reaches an industrial scale. With a small water consumption and even more rare - the well is silted up and cannot be restored.

According to the preferences of the Customer, the specialists of our company will choose a place for digging and installing a well, tell the client about the technology of digging and at the conclusion of the Contract on the appointed day will perform the necessary work, taking into account all the nuances associated with the soil. We work throughout the Vologda region!

A quill is a soil that either in the form of sand or in the form of sandy loam fills well water. Despite the fact that, as a matter of fact, it is a difficult-permeable volume of silty sands, as well as clayey and smaller co-cloid particles under pressure, quicksand can be liquefied to the permissible rate under the influence of mechanical influences. Most often they are found in marshlands and are able to move exclusively in an upright position. The true quicksand formed with the participation of microorganisms, freezing, poorly filters water and is subjected to strong heaving.

There are a lot of problems related to quicksand, and with respect to the Contractor-Customer on hydrogeology issues, solving these problems is of key importance! It is necessary to clearly understand with what kind of soil to work and in the case of force majeure to stop work in time. It is possible that the continuation of such work can be both meaningless and very dangerous.

In loose soils, such as sand, gravel, pebbles or crushed stone, construction work should be carried out with heightened accuracy, observing all precautions, as the soil particles are weakly bonded and can crumble into a well. Digging of the rings is carried out from the inside, and it is desirable to strengthen the pit with plank walls.

Weak soils - shale, gypsum or slag usually contribute to the rapid digging of the rings, if the water enters the well slowly.

In soft soils, as in loose, particles are weakly bound, and accordingly, in loam and plastic clay, digging is carried out with increased observance of precautionary measures.

Strong soils - granites, diorites, gneisses assume that the Contractor has special equipment. Digging by hand is impossible due to the density of the rock, it requires the strictest observance of safety precautions, instrument health and extensive experience of specialists. Often, digging wells in such soils is not economically viable, and in the case of rapid filling with water, it is impossible at all!

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