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Sydney NYE

NYE countdown

Sydney is believed to be the capital of New Year’s Eve 2019. Sydney Harbor is probably the main attraction for viewers willing to celebrate New Year’s Eve. This is one such location where a viewer can experience what fireworks that barge from different points around the harbor.

More than two million visitors’ flock to this location to experience the wonderful sight. In fact Sydney is among the first few cities to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The city enjoys a unique location and is one of first cities to celebrate the first day of every year. This single day attracts more than three million international audiences.

The New Years Eve is considered to be one of the special and the biggest occasion of the city. If you are planning to experience the unique occasion of NYE then this website can help you to get the maximum out of this celebration. After all this kind of celebration occurs once a year and you have every right to enjoy it to the fullest.

NYE Fireworks

If you are planning to view the fireworks at the harbour then you must opt for the Vantage points. There are about 55 vantage locations that allow the audience to have a full view of the fireworks. Majority of these points are located near the harbor thus enabling the best possible view. Some of the popular vantage point are Gladesville which is located near the Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island and Point Piper. All these points are equipped with first aid facility, toilets and restaurants. The government strongly prohibits usage of alcohol and drugs on these locations specially during New Year’s Eve. Many among these vantage points allows entrance only through prior reservation.

The 9pm and the midnight firework is one of the biggest attraction of the occasion. The local government has divided the firework fun into two halves. The first firework takes place at 9pm exclusively meant for children and family. The firework displays a colourful performance that lasts for 8 minutes. The fireworks barges from the harbor and aims the tallest buildings of the city and the harbour. The Sydney NYE fireworks program concludes with a Light of Parade. The parade includes 50 vessels illuminated and decorated with lights. These vessels sail around the harbour and its border. The midnight firework is probably the greatest attraction of the day as it marks the arrival of New Year. The NYE fireworks continues for an hour and ends with celebrations.

Transport during NYE

According to local observation private cars on New Year’s Eve is a big No. It is better if you depend on public transport. On this particular day the city accommodates more than 2 million visitors. It will be impossible to move around in a private car. Instead you can avail the local train or bus to make the journey easier and comfortable. It is likely that you will be experiencing the biggest rush and traffic jams in your life. Therefore wear a good pair of shoe and get ready to walk.

As a first time visitor you can also opt for New Year cruises that sail across the harbour. These cruises are booked a month before the celebration day at a nominal charge of 0 and 0.

Accommodations on NYE

If you are planning your trip to Australia on Xmas and NYE holidays, earlier booking is extremely recommended.




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